Every child knows
the caterpillar becomes a butterfly.
Ugly duckling turns to swan
like leaves changing colors
(When I Grow Up)
personal magic for everyone,
always a happy ending

(When I Grow Up I Will Be)

Child fades into adolescence, always
and wraps in the cocoon of clothes, hair, makeup
hard shell to keep everyone out
(so long Mom, see you in the spring)
and like Alice's caterpillar must ask
"Who are you?"

(I Will Be)

larval human, growing under the masking shell.
crackling towards adulthood and purpose
cocoon spiderwebbing like sugarpane glass
peeking out at reality through the cracks, to see
promised destiny perhaps?

(Will Be)

Eager youth, pushing free
"Who am I?"
sudden blasted chill of dark winter wind
cutting fear, come out too soon!
nothing outside but freezing void, unprepared
adultchild keening, flailing, bleeding
half-formed and unalive, bits of self
still adhered to shell, tearing away with struggle
(let me OUT)
too soon, too eager, adultchild tries to retreat into ruined home
skinned oyster on the half-shell
dying larval creature, twitching insectile

"Such is the cruelty of nature, and the balance. Sometimes a creature is born merely to die, purposeless."



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