5/4/78 - 4/17/98

Dellamorte, alternatively (un)known as Lashr, Tim Brigham, and various other names, was found dead Tuesday in his studio apartment. It is believed he suffered an "accidental" overdose by combining the large bottle of vodka which was found clutched in his left hand with various other things. Sadly, his assorted propaganda/mindphucking outlets will now never be completed to his satisfaction (they probably never would have anyway). Laying to the right of the oddly undecomposed body was a very pricey life insurance policy which covered suicide; sadly Dellamorte forgot to sign it, hence his large payment of 2 million dollars to his insurance company won't even gain his family the one million dollars said policy was supposed to pay.

The last person to speak to Mr. Brigham on the phone a mere 27 days before his timely death, claims that his final words were "Yeah....hey.... why not?"

Dellamorte is survived by a few friends, many acquaintances, his family, and a large stack of books which he will sadly never have the chance to finish reading. His brain, along with his sunglasses, liver and lungs are being examined by scientists from around the world. He is pictured below in the only photograph of him known to exist.

Upon being asked if the death related to the recent mysterious deaths of some of his internet friends and acquaintances, the investigator replied,
? Well we do have an unconfirmed report he was spotted entering a UFO along with Elvis and Franz Kafka in rural Kentucky, but knowing him this is merely another vain attempt at causing a bit of confusion."

May he at last rest in peace.