I told you I was sick

September 1973-14/15 April 1998

It is our sad duty to inform you that Saundra Walters (nee Mitchell) died suddenly last night at approximately 2.40 am. She, like many others being reported in this morning's newspapers, is a victim of the tragic "Titanic" sinking. Mrs. Walters was last seen on the boat deck, giving her seat to a a young man with a new bride. Sadly, it is suspected that she, as well as J. Bruce Ismay, urged Captain Smith to run "Titanic" too quickly through the ice field. At least she had the decency to die on the ship.

She is survived by a husband, Jason, and a son, Nicholas. An online memorial service will be held for her alter-ego, Ericah.

Donations and condolences can be sent to vii@netdirect.net

Sadly, in other news. .