Raid Continues Mysterious Death Toll of Internet Relay Chat Channel

In a stunning raid this morning Tom Rawls (a.k.a. Sidd, Siddneyy, EthenHunt, and CyberMage) was shot dead today, in a joint raid by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Secret Service, when he tried to defend his zip drive from posible harm. The agents said that he appeared to be armed and commanded him to drop it. They opened fire when he didn't and between the 10 agents he was shot 176 times. no autopsy was conducted as the cause of death was known.

The raid was organized based on tips given by an unnamed informer. The computer was confiscated and the body was removed to the morgue to be identified.

Tom was survived by both of his parents and his two brothers. The most mysterious part to this whole story is that a internet realy chat channel that was frequented by Tom has been plagued by a rash of deaths recently. To read more about this story go to The Conspiracy Theory Page