The clean and slightly overpriced death of Hylocori

It was a dark and stormy night... All seemed fine as Hylocori walked along the alleyway looking for misplaced garbage and a purrrty shekitty. He was looking upon a rather fine fishbone he prepared to have a late night snack when suddenly a chef from the local Korean restuarant stormed from a alley door wielding a large butcher knife. Fearing for his life he ran from the alley and around the corner, directly into the bristles of a oncoming streetcleaner. After spining around the brush for nearly 4 b locks he was shot out from the machine with a bright shiny coat and a little road rash on his tail. Still dizzy from the encounter he didnt notice the Korean chef charging at him with the knife slicing the evening sky.

Hylocori is reported to be about $12 a plate at the Nu Son Chow restraunt. He is served with a fragrant orange maranade and a side of tasty kat treats in garlic butter.


For Kat?