Peeps Cause Death?

We are greatly saddened by the death of Pamela Humphrey, a/k/a Kitsune (age carefully concealed) on the evening of April 14, 1998.

Ms. Humphrey, while fine tuning and cleaning off her computer hard drive, stumbled across some archived #alt.vampyres channel logs. In the midst of reading, reminiscing and laughing about rootbeer enemas, Gilligan and crew channel raiding, flying butt monkeys and "the pinata incident", she apparently choked to death on a stale purple peeps rabbit. Sources close to the investigation have implied that the said purple peeps rabbit had been tampered with, possibly even poisoned. There were no witnesses.

The untimely demise of several denizens of the EFnet channel #alt.vampyres has given rise to a number of conspiracy theories, including stories of a "curse." Investigations are continuing as the death toll mounts. (See Related Story.)

Survived by a daughter, a dog, 3 ex-husbands and a swain with three kids, she will be sadly missed by all (except possibly her employer) who knew her. No services are pending since all her friends are already dead and it would be embarrassing to have a service where nobody showed up. Not to mention the fact that those who are still alive wouldn't want to congregate all in one place and give some maniac an opportunity to knock them all off at once instead of sneaking around EFnet, disposing of them one or two at a time...

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