April 15, 1998

Demon Laugh Proves to be Fateful

On the eighth day of april, a horribly tragic event occured. A woman claiming to be a purple frog goddess by the name of Linz departed this world following a strange turn of events. She was found on the floor of her apartment, having died of exhaustion. A friend, who requested anonymity, had been on the phone with her, and she related to us what she knows of the events surrounding Linz's mysterious bucket-kicking.

"She and I were on the phone, trading funny gossip stories... *sniffle* I made the mistake of telling her about a certain ho-ho-bag that we both knew... apparently this woman had faked her own death. Linz and I found this highly amusing, and Linz broke into what is known as the infamous 'demon laugh.'

"*sniffle* The demon laugh was just a joke... We never really thought it had anything to do with demons... *sob*... But it was a full moon... Linz was demon laughing... and then... and then... oh God! it was horrible! I heard a second voice laughing, and it was a demon laugh too! I thought she was the only one who could demon laugh! *sob* At that point, Linz dropped the phone... kinda ironic, I suppose... we never thought it was really a demon laugh."

Going on this evidence, as well as what was found at the scene of the death, police have reason to think that Linz's demon laugh somehow managed to summon demons to this world. from what we can gather, the demons thought that Linz's laugh was something of a mating call; investigators found a tape of Urotsukidoji (a well-known demon porn anime flick) in the VCR, and there were eggbeaters all over the place. It seems Linz willingly joined the demons in a wild frenzied mating orgy, and died of exhaustion; she was found with a smile on her face.

This death seems to be somehow connected with the #Alt.Vampyres conspiracy... several other regulars on this channel seem to have bit the big one, go to the #Alt.Vampyres Conspiracy Page