The days are ended, and a new life begins

Machina, 1977-1998

Yet another life falls to the #Alt.Vampyres Curse as Machina passed away at the hands of his clone just hours ago.

Machina had been putting in some intense time lately, in trying to clone himself, so he could finish twice the stuff in half the time (his math was a little off). It seems just days ago, he succeeded in creating a clone, that was injected with hormones to increase its aging process until it was just about Machina's age. Last night, Machina finished the process by transfering his brain over, and from their the clone has led its own life.

Although, like all Mad Scientists, he was killed by his loving creation. His clone was quoted as saying that his master copy would be sorely missed, and even through all the grief, he, the clone, would continue in Machina's, the master copy Machinas, place.

Rumor has it that a mysterious stranger gave him the idea to clone himself, quite possibly the stranger responsible for the rest of the #Alt.Vampyre denizens deaths.

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