Omnedon 1962-1998

NEWSFLASH -- Dateline: Efnet.

Omnedon (aka The Phoenix) appears to be the latest victim in a series of bizzare and inexplicable deaths stalking the IRC channel #Alt.Vampyres.

Omnedon was flying to attend services for another #alt.vampyres denizen when his plane disappeared from radar screens. Subsequent investigation revealed the wreckage of his plane, but in the cockpit was found only a note and a bottle containing a bit of apparently phallic flesh and a small amount of an as-yet undetermined fluid substance. No body was found at the crash site. The contents of the note were released earlier today at a press conference and read: "I have become One with the Universe. Look for me in your underwear. Or if you don't wear any, you can be SURE I am there."

While investigators have not yet indicated whether or not this tragedy is linked to the series of deaths plaguing #alt.vampyres, they admit no other explanation seems likely. Sources close to the investigation reveal the last radio transmission from Omnedon was the words, "Who the hell are YOU?"

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