Ritual Death Suspected In Sandy Springs

EFnet users were shocked and dismayed at the latest #alt.vampyre curse death.

Atlanta resident Rowanne Moore better known as SusiNeito aka Rebekkah aka PersikPit, was found dead today in her Sandy Springs apartment. Ms. Moore, age 35, is believed to have died in a bizarre case of multiple personality murder. Ms Moore’s alter egos began fighting for more time in which to express themselves. It is believed that SusiNeito, in a jealous rage, killed PersikPit. Ms Moore’s body was found in her bedroom, sprawled across her computer desk. Police found a final message scrawled on the wall above the computer desk, “Let the damn peach rot!”

Ms Moore is survived by her Mother, 5 brothers and sisters, 3 terror stricken roommates, her beloved Maledicti and her beloved reft. Tita the cat was uneffected. Her Keroppi Collection was left to Maledicti, who immediately turned green as his eyes began to bug out.