Submissions Guidelines for the alt.vampyres homepage


General / Links Section

This website is mainly intended for regulars of the newsgroup alt.vampyres and the topic of vampires in general. With this in mind, please think carefully before sending in submissions. If you don't even know what a newsgroup is, let alone how to get to one, then you shouldn't be sending stuff for the page. The main exception to this is the links section, which welcomes vampire links of all kinds. However, we do not link using graphics, so please send only the url you would like listed. Though not required, we'd really appreciate it if you would link back to and if you would like to use a graphic to do so, you can find graphics for that purpose here. (Do NOT use any of the other graphics on this page. Doing so will result in your ISP being contacted for using copyrighted material without permission.)

People Section

The People Section in particular is for those who post to the newsgroup, not a general listing of vampires, people who think they are vampires, or a form of vampire personals. The People Section is meant to be a place where one can learn more about someone who posts to the newsgroup, whether it be a picture, a Bio, links to their webpage, or contact information. (each person is limited to one page for this - if you want more, then you need your own homepage.) I would really suggest that anyone read the newsgroup for awhile before sending submissions for the people section to make sure they are going to want to stick around for awhile. There are people who have been very active for a month, sent me a picture and Bio, and then disappeared, never to be heard from again. Eventually I end up having to go through and clean house because there are people on the page who are obviously never coming back.

Fiction / Artwork sections

Likewise, the Fiction and Artwork sections are only for those people who post to the newsgroup and is not meant to be a general archive of vampire fiction and artwork. In fact, not all of the Fiction and Artwork listed are even related to vampires or dark fiction. Many of the same things apply as for the people section - make sure you are going to be or have been around for awhile, otherwise, you've sent me your work for nothing because I'll just end up taking it down after you've long since disappeared.

More on the Artwork Section

Artwork being submitted can be no more than 500 pixels in width, 350 pixels in height, and must have the resolution set to 72 pixels/inch. Please make sure that each work submitted has the title of the piece somewhere in the subject or body of the message. I'd prefer to not just go by the filename because I don't want to get punctuation and capitalization wrong.

Fun section / FAQ

The Fun Section is just for posts that have appeared on the newsgroup where the author has either asked to be included on the page or I have asked them if I could include their post. Don't even ask to have something added if it hasn't first been posted to the newsgroup. Pretty much the same goes for the FAQ - it is for the newsgroup, so any suggestions should be posted there. For guidelines dealing specifically with the FAQ, go to this page.

Now What?

Assuming you have read the above, submissions can be sent to


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