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Memories, Chess, and New Travels.

By Cassa A. Dellinger

My youth I remember fondly. My father teaching me the noble ways. My
mother bringing song into my each morning. I did not much like the
books I had to read. I enjoyed the horseback riding and the sword
fighting lessons.

I learned to dance and how to be polite among others. I learned a few
games of chance known as Black Jack and Spades. Though my father
didn't care for those games. I also learned to play chess. I had even
gotten to were I could match my father. Though I have yet to win a
match I have been getting harder and harder to beat.

I visit my father now and then though not too often since my mother is
gone. My father has fallen in love with another human woman and she is
pretty though nothing close to matching my mother's beauty. I am glad
in a way.

I sit across from my father as he moves his knight across the chess
board. I look and see that he has taken my bishop. I half smile as I
take his knight with my rook. "Good move son." His voice is still the
same even after so long. Like my own quiet and yet powerful. I nod and
watch as he takes my knight and then sits back with a smile. "Check."
I look at the board and think a moment before moving my King out of
harms way.

I watch as my Father ponders his move and we both turn to see his new
love watching from the doorway. Her dark auburn hair is long and wavy.
Her eyes are like polished jade. I stand up with my Father as she
walks softly closer. She looks at the board and smiles. "He is going
to beat you this time." My father chuckles and strokes her hair and
let's her kiss his cheek as she leaves the room again.

Once we are both seated he takes my Queen with a bishop. I then use a
pawn to capture his King. "Check mate. Though I know you let me win
this time."

My father smiles and stands up. "I do not have the heart to tell her
she was wrong. Though you have improved. I think the next time we play
you will win for real."

I stand up and slowly put on my hat and then my sword. It is time I
left I have heard of a noble mistreating children to the west. I shake
my father's hand and then start to walk out of the study door.
"Good luck with Arrina Father." I say as I walk out.

"Thank you D, fair travels to you son." I hear him say softly as the
door slowly closes behind me.

"That was touching." the symbiot says snidely. "Shut up." I mutter as
I go down the hallway. I walk quickly outside to the stables and
saddle my newest DL-6 cyborg. I pull my cloak tighter about my
shoulders and then get into the saddle.

As I ride through the gates of my home I can see the sun setting.
The sky is crimson and violet. After riding for a while the stars and
soon the moon comes into view. The bright silver light shines down on
the dirt road as I go on.