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Time and Completed Circles.

By Cassa A. Dellinger

I stand watching you ride away. The tears of both happiness and sorrow
running down my face. I know that I will love you even with you gone.
I can't love another when my heart is with you. I hope that you will
remember your promise and return someday.

The years slowly pass by and I watch the road each sunset hoping for a
chance sight of you. Dan has lived in town for some time now. He and
his wife are expecting their second child. Their first a young girl of
five now is Ellen. Ellen visits me on Saturdays. She helps me with the
livestock and has been asking me to teach her to use my whip. I keep
telling her when you are older. She is persistent though. Dan is a
Doctor and a happy father.

I am content for now being Aunt Doris. Though there are times I wish I
had a child of my own to care for.

Time is passing more quickly now and Ellen is now seventeen. She is
tall and has light auburn hair. Her eyes are light amber and she has
many admirers in town. She cares nothing for them though. She is
spending more and more time with me for which I am grateful. I have
been telling her stories of the day you can and how you saved me from
old Magnus Lee.

Ellen reads to me now as I lay in my bed. I am thinking of you and not
really hearing the words of the book Ellen is reading. Ellen gets up
to answer the door since someone has knocked. I can see that the sun
is slowly setting the sky is crimson and violet. I can hear soft foot
falls on the stairs and I look towards the doorway of my room.

There you stand as handsome and strong as the day you left. Your hair
is still that dark auburn and those burning sapphire blue eyes of
yours speak volumes even though you have said nothing.

I feel a smile touch my face as a few tears run down my wrinkled
cheeks. "Hello D." I speak softly though I am almost hoarse.

You stand still a moment and then you come forward and take my right
hand and place a kiss on the back. "Doris." I feel more tears fall
slowly down my cheeks at the sound of your voice. The same quiet and
powerful voice that I could never truly forget.

"Are you well?" I ask in a hoarse voice. You stand still a moment and
then softly say "Yes. And you?"

I smile softly and nod. "I am happy even if I am old. Ellen is Dan's
daughter. She keeps me company. Her little brother is Dean. He is
training to be a werewolf hunter like my father was. Dan is the Doctor
in town now."

I know I am talking too much but I have so much I want to say.
You just stand and half smile as I go on about the years and soon I
stop talking. The sun has set and the full moon is casting a silver
light across the room.

I smile and softly say "Goodbye D. Thank you for coming back."

"Your welcome Doris." I hear you say as I close my eyes. I can hear
your soft foot falls leaving the room and I can hear Ellen telling you
were to find Dan. Once the door is closed behind you I hear the
barrier go on.

I fall asleep and dream of the days gone by of the day I first met you
and then the day you left. I can smell the flowers and feel the crisp
fresh air of that morning. This time though I am riding with you as
you leave.

I am always with you now my love is in your heart.