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Always and Forever

Chapter 4 New Acquaintances and Old Callings

"How could I let her go?" D cursed, staring up at the last full moon of the month. "Why did I agree to split?"

"D? You had to get the Vampire, she had a contract for the werewolves. You couldn't loose them all. She's ok. She rides as well as you, and she shoots better than anyone I've seen."

"Shut up," he looked up at the sound of a neighing horse. "Max?" he whispered, he turned to see the silver horse, but there was no rider. "Max!" The cyborg obediently stopped next to him, thrusting its nose into view. His message delivered. 'She's hurt.' "Show me! Max! Find Kale!! Nightmare, follow Max!"

"To think that a Vampire hunter would be brought down by a wench!" snarled a voice, as it knocking D off his horse, pulling Nightmare off his feet. Nightmare cried out, and Max returned to see the gray horse on the ground, it's front left leg, heavily damaged, and D no where in sight. Following their last orders. Max stayed close to the damaged Nightmare, as he led him back to where Kale had last been. It would be slow going. Nightmare only had three working legs, and the fourth dangled by circuits and tubing, no support structure or casing to protect it. Max would be patient. Believing D would follow their trail.

It was Dark, was it night? "D?" she called softly.

"Easy," said a light male voice. "I'll get the light." A moment later the room was bathed in soft white light, just enough to see by, but not bright enough to really hurt one's eyes. "There. How do you feel?"

She looked around in the dim light, but D wasn't there. The room was a common bedroom, though medical equipment had been brought in, including an IV pole with two pints of blood hanging on it, the tubes leading to her arm. "What is this?" she asked, afraid at first it was their blood. "What have you done!"

"Careful, you'll tear the stitches." He caught the IV tubes as she tore them from her arm. "Hey! You need this."

"No! Awe!!" she cried, as the tiger striped man pushed her back to the bed. He reached up and turned on the open intercom. "If anyone is still - watch it! - still up, I could use a hand in here. Rouch! You bit me!"

"I never said I don't bite! Now let me go!!" Her voice echoed through the halls of his home before he managed to switch off the intercom. She managed to get out from under him and ran across the room where she found a closet. Opening its doors she found her weapons, and drew her dagger.

"Oh no," he backed away, if she handled a blade, half as well as she did her cross bow, he would be in trouble indeed. "Now please miss. Just calm down. You've been hurt & you're in shock, or something. My name is Tygra, I'm a physician. Look, you've torn your stitches, please, lie back down. You need to rest."

With her free hand she readied her crossbow, and had just laid an arrow onto it, when the door slid open and a large red haired man rushed in. She raised her bow and fired in warning. "Lion-o!" The red haired man flattened himself to the wall, and 18" arrow stuck in the wall between his legs, just a breath too close than he would have liked.

"A little close don't you think?!" he said to the woman, pulling the arrow out of the wall. Another man appeared at the door, all blue, or kind of black blue. "Careful Panthro, she's a bit shaky on the crossbow, but she still shoots too close for comfort."

"Look, everyone just calm down," said Tygra, turning back to the girl. "Look, you're hurt, you're frightened, I understand that. Really I do. Do you remember me? I'm the one you helped in the field."

"The field?" Frantically she searched her memory of past events. D agreeing to split up to look for the vampire and wolves. The search through the dense woods, following the wolf's trail of torn bark on the trees, "the field, the explosions."

"Yes. The field. You shot arrows into the engines of the flyers, then the ground vehicle cam at you. Do you remember?" She wavered slightly, and the two new men ran across the room and grabbed her arms, removing her weapons, while Tygra went to his counter of medicines. The two managed to wrestle her to her knees.

Memories of her enslaved treatment flashed across her eyes. The confinement, the beatings, the....No, Never again. "NO!!" she screamed.

"Hold her still!" Tygra commanded.

'One chance,' she thought, and let her body go limp.

"She's out again," said Lion-o.

"Alright. Be easy with her and put her back on the bed."

As they released her arms, she came up with balled fists, and landed solid blows to each to the two men's groins. The two howled and went down, Kale darting for the door, skidding slightly on the puddle of blood on the floor beneath her. Tygra grabbed her across her shoulders, her back to his chest. "Sorry about this," he said, jabbing a syringe into her shoulder, "But you're not leaving us much choice." This time, when Kale went limp, she was truly out cold. The drug locking her mind in a sleep she didn't want.

"What is her problem?" Panthro growled, helping Lion-o to a stool, as Tygra laid Kale on the bed.

He replaced the needles on the IV bags, and put them back in her arm, then set to work on her wound.

"It'll be the first thing I ask her when she wakes up," the tyger replied. "For now, you two alright?"

"I think our pride is hurt but other than a few quiet nights, I think we'll live," the panther patted Lion-o on his shoulder.

"Good. Thanks for your help. Get her weapons out of here, and I'll take care of her. Good night."

"Good Night."

The water was cold, as it was thrown across his face. He coughed, forcing the liquid out of his nose, clearing the small amount from his windpipe that managed to get that far. It was ice cold, and his eyes flashed with anger at the person who dared to do such a thing to him. "There, that's better," said a voice. He turned his attention to the man in front of him. "That will be all Slithe, you may go."

"Yes master," returned the tall green lizard man. His eyes were glazed over, as though he were drugged, his movements were stiff and controlled, like a puppet.

"Now, hunter," said the voice again, and his head was pulled up by his hair, to look at the speaker. "You have much to answer to. One, you killed my two little playmates, from the women's village. Two, the mate to my pets is dead, and three, two of my pets are also dead. Now, I'm not a vengeful man by nature..."

"No, you're just a monster, just like all the other Vampires." He received a powerful strike from the left. When he could see straight again, he turned to the assailant. The third wolf. It was still night, for it was still in it's wolfen state. "I see someone hasn't listened to his obedience trainer."

"Ah, a hunter with a sense of humor, a Dhampire at that as well." The wolf drew his claw back to strike again. "No, Hashen, leave him to me."

"Yes master." And the wolf stood back near one of the bench like tables.

"You see hunter, I know that you aren't the one who killed the wolves and their little bitch. I've been sensing you near here for several days. But you see, to Hashen, a hunter is a hunter, and they all deserve to die." The man drew a blade across the hunter's chest. "You see, I'm going to do something to you, that no one has ever thought of before." The hunter gritted his teeth as the blade was plunged through his right arm, between the bones, just shy of his wrist. "I'm going to bleed you. Turn you to your most base of instincts, and then I'm going to watch as you do what you fear the most." D felt, and heard, his bones snap, as the blade was forced around, and the man walked away, holding his severed hand on a silver tray. "I know who you are. D, the legendary Vampire Hunter, Son of the great Dracula....Life mate to the lovely Kale."

"How do you know...."

"Oh please. I have my sources. I also know, that you hate to take the blood of any human. No matter for what reason."

"Who are you?"

"Me? My, my, my, D. How you have let that little trollop cloud your memory. I am Tagrez, you best friend while you were growing up."

"You're?...impossible, you're dead!"

"No, a vampire your father made brought me over. And I was forever grateful. But then I heard that you started killing us. All over a woman. A woman, your father took from you. My, my, is it always the women that are your downfall D? You see," Tagrez drove the blade through D's left arm, just above his wrist. "once you are at the most basic of your vampiric instincts, I'll put you in a room with Kale, she'll be bleeding of course, the smell of it driving you insane, and I will watch as you drain the little hoer's blood."


"We'll see, D. We'll see."

D tried not to cry out as his left hand was severed, but the pain and anger was too great. He hoped that he would die, before Kale even saw him. He'd never hurt her, never take her blood. He'd rather die before that.

There was something on her back. She could feel it. But it wasn't just on her back, it was running over her skin, through her skin. She tried to move her hands, only to find that they were tied, in restraints common to psychiatric hospitals. She tugged repeatedly, remembering the shackles that she'd been confined in. She tried to rise, only to find she was strapped down. "Hold still," said a male voice.

She didn't listen. She tried to move her feet and legs, but they too were strapped. Franticly she pulled on her wrists, trying to free them. Tears streaming down her cheeks, she soon found herself screaming to be freed. The man quickly stopped what he was doing, and started untying her hands. "Calm down," he repeated, but she only got worse. Finally the last of the restraints was removed and Kale ran off the bed and curled up in the far corner, crying and gasping at the same time. "By Jaga," he whispered, slowly approaching her, drawing a sheet over her to cover her naked form. "What did he do to you?"

"What happened?" asked a woman's voice from the door. He turned to see a tall yellow furred woman with dark spots all over her. "Is she alright?"

"I'm not sure," said Tygra, running his hand over her brow, only to have her swat at his hand and try to crouch further back into the corner. "She's been badly treated. I didn't look too far from her initial wound the last time. But when she tore her stitches, I looked further when I found blood stains elsewhere." He shook his head as he thought of the horrible marks he'd found across her body. "She was torn, Cheetara," The woman took a step toward the cowering girl, but stopped when she started to scream again.

"NO! D!! NO!! NO!!"

"Come on, let her be. I don't think she's even awake right now." The two left the room, and Kale calmed down, pulling the sheet closer across her chilled flesh.

"Will she be alright?" asked Cheetara.

"Physically, she'd damn lucky. She was severely infected. I just hope she reacts well to the massive doses of antibiotics I had to pump into her. I was able to drain the infection, but I'll have to examine her again within the next few days."

"Does she even know that she's safe? That she's among friends?"

"Not yet, at least, oh hell, I don't know. She struck a good blow to Lion-o and Panthro yesterday. And she already fired an arrow at Lion-o."

"I'd heard about that. Poor Panthro is still walking very gingerly."

"They alright?"

"Ice helps mostly, but other than that there isn't much you can do."

"What about you? You feeling alright?"

"Ok I guess. Morning sickness is still a pain, but I think we'll live." Cheetara ran her hand over her stomach. The woman was still very early in her pregnancy, but she was already beginning to show the rounding of her stomach. "Most women calm down around pregnant women, do you think if I spent some time with her she'd feel more secure?"

"Not till she gets the idea that we aren't here to harm her. She could unconsciously injure you, and Panthro would want her head if that ever happened. Then he'd want mine. Perhaps when she's awake, and with me in the room you could pay her a visit."

"I'll do that later today." Suddenly the woman put her hand to her lips. "Excuse me, I think...." She just ran off down the hall.

"I hope this passes for you," he called, and returned to the room where the girl was. She'd returned to sitting on the bed, shaken, but at least she had her wits about her now. She looked up with tired wet eyes as the orange furred man returned. "You feeling better?" he asked, standing at the foot of the bed.

"How did.... how did I end up in the corner?" she was still shaking, and it showed in her words. Not as confident with the stability of her voice as the sound past her lips.

"You ran there, screaming. How do you feel? Do you want something to eat?"

"No," she said, and tried to keep her dignity as she looked for her shirt. "Where are my clothes?"

"In for washing. They were covered in blood. Who is D?"

"When will they be done?"

"Soon. Look, why don't we agree on something right now. I'll ask a question, and answer one of yours. You ask a question, and answer one of mine. Agreed?"

"Why was I tied up?"

"Not till you agree."

She pulled her knees up and rested her chin on them, her arms tight around her cavs. "Fine. D is mine, and I am D's, that's all you need to know. Now. Why was I tied up?"

"Because you were delirious, you were dangerous to your own recovery, and the physical well being, and pride, to most of the men here. What's your name?"

"Kale. What were you doing to my back?"

Tygra circled round and reached over to the nightstand, picking up a softball sized machine. "This, I designed it to heal the wounds of my patients quickly, but so far I've only been able to get it to work effectively on humans. I was using it to heal your wounds. Who hurt you so badly?"

Kale said nothing, eyeing the device in his hand. Then, "A kind of dermal regenerator."

"You've seen them? Where?"

"No, I haven't seen them. At least not the way you think. They were depicted in stories a long time ago. Dermal regenerator was what they were called. They rapidly healed wounds of all kinds, on any number of species."

"Do you know if they have research on getting them into practical use, rather than stories?"

"No. The knowledge of them faded with the stories. No one remembers how they even looked."

"Accept you."

"Yha, accept me."

"You didn't answer my earlier question."

"Nor will it be. That part of my past is not for you to explore."

"Look, I'm only trying to help," Tygra gently put his hand on her arm, giving her a gentle squeeze. Kale quickly clamped her hand down on his wrist, digging her fingertips into the soft flesh between the arm bones. She watched as the tiger man reacted to the pain, and twisted away from her.

"Never touch me like that again," she said flatly, "You don't have the right."

"I'm trying to be a friend, which is something you need right now."

"What I need, are my clothes, and my horse."

"Your horse ran off. I haven't seen him."

"Then he'd be at the field, and D will be there too, waiting for me." She tried to move, only to find that the slight pain she felt when moving away from the corner, was compounded, and she sat back down on the bed.

"Look, you can't go anywhere right now. You've got stitches everywhere, and I mean everywhere, and you have other wounds that need to be tended. Not to mention that ugly scar across your chest. Look lie back and I'll remove it." Kale slapped the regenerator device away, thankfully Tygra was able to catch it before it hit the floor. "Watch it!" "You are not to touch that scar! You understand!! I'd rather DIE, than let you do anything to that scar!!!"

"Alright, alright. I'll leave it alone. Look, just lie down and rest." Just then the door opened and Cheetara slowly entered.

"Tygra I hate to bother you, but do you have anything that will cut out this morning sickness. I can't even have a glass of milk."

"Sorry, Cheetara, there's nothing I can do about that. It's just one of those things. Oh, Kale, this is Cheetara. Cheetara, this is Kale."

"Hi," the woman extended her hand, but Kale didn't take it. "I hope you feel better now. It must have been a horrible dream you had."

"Go away," she said quietly.

"Now see here Kale..." began Tygra.

"Go AWAY!! GO AWAY!!" She kept repeating those words, louder and louder, till all she did was curl into a ball on the bed and cry. Before then, Tygra had escorted Cheetara from the room, hoping that she was not upset too badly by their ungrateful guest.

"What did I do?" asked Cheetara, practically in tears.

"Nothing Cheetara, nothing at all. I'll try and talk some sense into her when she calms down. Easy Cheetara, don't get all worked up. Its not good for you, or the cub."

"Cheetara, honey what's wrong?" Panthro appeared from around the corner, looking first for Tygra, but completely forgot why, when he saw his mate so upset.

"The girl, Kale, spoke rather harshly to her." Explained Tygra, as the woman was comforted by the panther. He wished she'd let him do that. They were quite close before they left Thundera, but now, all things had changed. Tygra shook his head. Not sure where that particular train of thought came from. "She doesn't seem to trust anyone right now. After what I saw on her back and chest, I'm not surprised, but still. Take Cheetara back to your quarters, and have her rest. Stay with her. I'm going to get a cup of coffee to steady my nerves and then try again with our guest.

Tygra sat at the large dinning table slowly nursing a cup of steaming coffee. His favorite flavor, vanilla It was grown by the burbles and given to him as a birthday gift the year before. He used it sparingly, the following crop failing due to drought, so there wasn't any made this year. He only brewed a small amount of it when he needed to think. And boy did he need to think. "Something has really got you in a knot," said a small purring voice. Tygra looked across from him to where a small red and white cat like creature sat, the stack of Kale's clothing next to him.

"Hello Snarf," he said. "It's the girl. Her name is Kale, and she needs some help, hell, a lot of help, but she doesn't seem to want to let us. She's been through something horrible, but she refuses to talk about it."

"Anything I can do?"

"No. This is what I know. She's been beaten, obviously violently violated, tortured, restrained most likely for most of it. And there is someone named D, who I believe she is terrified of. But when asked about him, she only said that she belonged to D, and D belonged to her."

"bbbrrr, there is something that I can do. I don't like to, but if it will help you to get more information..."


"Take me to her, and follow my lead."