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Of the Heart

Chapter 1 She left Him

He leaned back into the gentle hands of the one who would be with him the rest of his days. His mind and body enraptured by the careful kneading of tense sore muscles from the long day's ride. Their journey was far from over. It would take them months to get back North. Though by going west, then north from their Thundarien friends' home took almost 6 months off their journey. There were fewer dangers too, so it gave Kale & D time to fall in love all over again.

'I know you have something in your left hand,' Tygra's words echoed in his thoughts. 'I think you should tell her. It would be better than her just finding out about it.'

D wrestled with this. The demon in his hand had saved him a number of times, and now it was credited with saving Kale's life. She had a right to know. "Kale," he called gently. She kissed his cheek in response, "I need...to tell you something...about me."

"What could you possibly tell me that I don't already know?" she asked, kissing a trail down from his ear to his lips.

Softly he kissed her as he turned and sat before her. "You know how I feel, don't you?" She kissed him, her answer, yes. "I've kept something from you, because I was afraid you wouldn't understand, and leave me."

"I will never leave you," she whispered, he gently pushed her away to keep her from kissing him.

He knew what she was trying to do. With her body healed, and her mind and heart at terms with what had happened the last year, she wanted to feel the joy of being a woman, being made love to, by the one she loved, who loved her in return. D took a deep breath, trying to calm his growing desire for her. "You may," he said, the fear of it reflecting in his eyes. "over this," he held out his bare left hand. Palm out. "This is a demon, who took over part of me long ago. Through an agreement whit it, it would keep me alive and help me in my battles, if I let it live in my body.

"Foolishly I agreed. I can't survive without it for long, nor can it survive very long without me. I've wanted to tell you, but I was afraid. Please don't be. It was actually the one who killed the wolf in the dungeon. If it weren't for it, you would be dead, as would I."

Kale just stared at the tiny face in D's hand. Two years, no going on 4 now, that they'd been together, and he tells her of this thing only now? "I think she's dumbfounded, D," said the tiny voice. "You want me to talk to her?"

D reached his left hand to her. She scrambled away. Not in fear exactly, more from shock of his lack of trust and faith in her. "If you didn't tell me about this, what else are you hiding?!" she asked harshly. "Did you and Doris have at it in the barn while I was sick that time?"


"Did you make out with those girls from the slave ship? Or did you lie with Willa behind my back!"


"NO!!" She shot to her feet and went to her horse, putting Max's body between them. The cyborg was confused. His mistress and her mate were acting as enemies. She treated him as a threat. How could he protect her from the one who ordered him to do so in the first place? "If you kept something this important from me D, what else haven't you told me? You and that thing snicker out of ear shot over how you'll lay me out? Or did you let that thing screw me too!?"

"That's enough!"

"NO!! Don't you dare come near me!! I trusted you. With my life!! My heart!!! ALL OF ME!!!!!! How could you not trust me!!!!?" Tears streamed down her lovely cheeks. He wanted so much to wipe them away.

"Kale please, I..."

"Don't trust me. You lied to me! You swore you'd never keep anything from me! But this? This I think is a pretty big secret D!"

"I didn't want to frighten you..."

"I'm not! I'm FURIOUS!!"

"Please understand..."

"NO!! I don't understand. I've told you everything D. EVERYTHING! All I asked was that you at least do the same."

"I am telling you..."

"After how long D? 4 Years!! Were you trying for 100 years, a thousand? What made you tell me now?!"

"Tygra said it..."

"TYGRA!!" she climbed into Max's saddle and backed him away from D. "So if he hadn't said anything, you wouldn't have told me!"

"I didn't want you to know!"

"About a life form in your hand that touches ME! How could you!!" He tried to get closer to grab the horse's reins, but the horse reared, pawing his legs in the air. Max had made his decision. D was a threat to his mistress, and he would protect her. "We're threw D. You earned my trust, my heart, everything about me. I had hoped I'd done the same. Obviously, you think that thing is more important. Well if that's what you want! So be it!" With a kick of her heels, Max galloped away. Taking Kale with him, out of his life.

"NO!! KALE!!!!"