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Of the Heart

Chapter 4 Family

It was two days since the walled village. D & Kale had traveled well beyond the boundaries of the map provided them. The mornings were swiftly getting colder, and leaves carpeted the ground where they now made their camp. Kale had woken early, though she didn't remember sleeping, stoked a small fire, and put water on for tea. She'd need to find a teashop at the next village. The last teabag she had was on its fourth use and it was very weak.

The sun was up, but the sky was heavy with clouds. It would rain sometime soon. She could tell. She could smell the air change. It was worse in the winter. She could smell snow coming miles away. At last she could drive D crazy. He hated cold rain and winter all together. When Kale said snow was coming, D found the nearest shelter & built a fire. That's where they'd stay till the sun came out again.

Kale turned to D as he stirred in his sleep. 'Nightmares again?' she thought, and he sat up suddenly, calling her name. "I'm here D," she soothed sitting behind him. "It's ok." He relaxed at the sound of her voice, his waking thoughts pushing the nightmare away. "I wish you'd tell me what the dream is about."

"No," he sighed abruptly. "Once I make sense of it, I'll tell you."

"If you told me," she cooed massaging his shoulders, he loved that & usually gave in, "then there'd be two of us to work on figuring it out."

"mmm, I know, but," he pulled her around onto his lap. "I have to do this. Please?" she nodded and kissed him. "mmm, pull the water off the fire." He said gently. She did and he kissed her again, his desire for her in his very touch.

She sighed in his kiss and her body screamed for him to take her. He laid her down on her sleeping blanket pulling his cloak and blanket over them to ward off the cold. He slowly kissed his way down her neck, pulling her shirt up with nimble chilled gloved hands. She giggled lustfully at the icy chills his hands spread through her body, and allowed him to pull her shirt off over her head. Her arms locked in the sleeves, he moved down her chest, tracing the 'D' across her skin with his fingers, to lick and suck on the nipple of her left breast, gently squeezing and stroking the right with his other hand. She pulled her arms free of her shirt, and around his head, pushing her fingers into his long soft hair. His scent was strongest in his hair, as the length fell over his brow and over her shoulder. She loved his hair. His personal musk was so enticing to her. She squealed in delight as he kissed his was to her naval, his form now totally hidden by the thick blanket.
He pulled her pants down and off her legs, flinging them out from under the covers. She laughed as she saw them flay out and land draped over a shrub, but quickly lost herself to him, as he vigorously began to lick her. He was hungry for her, but was so careful not to make things hurt. She gasped and cried out at the same time as he pulled her clit into his mouth. He eased one finger into her, not wanting to go too fast. He felt her body quiver and her muscles tense and relax, drawing his digit further in. He put two fingers in her, and at once felt her reluctance. Her body remembering the pain, but as his gentle probing persisted, she eased, and soon all he felt was her body's need for more.

He quickly divulged himself of his pants and belts, but kept his shirt to protect his chest from the cold air he'd feel when on her. Slowly he moved up her body, pressing his size against her as he went. Before he could position himself, she skirted out from under him. He sighed. It was too soon. Though she believed she was ready, her body and subconscious were not. But to his surprise, she kissed her way down his still covered chest to his member, standing out beneath the covers. She first gently rubbed her hands along his shaft, wanting him to feel the arousal he'd given her. Then slowly she slid her lips over the head. He gasped at her tender torture of him, restraining with all his might, not to force himself into her mouth. Carefully she took him in, her tongue darting over his tip and then caressing his shaft as she went down. She did this for what seemed like hours, the feel of her lips over his length, her tongue's soft rough texture teasing his sensitive flesh. Then she stopped.

At first he thought he'd scream over the pent up frustration she'd built in him, then she did something that always increased his desire. She began to lick his testicles. First she traced a saliva trail down between the two tender spheres, then around where the skin flowed into the rest of his body. Then she pulled one orb into her mouth, pumping his shaft as his legs trembled at her manipulation of him. "Kale..." he half whispered, half gasped. "Kale, please...I want you..." He felt her giggle slightly as she pulled the other orb into her mouth, "AAAHHH!!!!" Slowly she let him go, and made her way up to his lips to kiss him as she straddled his hips.

Blind ecstasy told him to take her fast & deep. But he quickly drove those thoughts down. This would be their first time since she was abducted, and he refused to act as the barbarians who'd nearly killed her.

Carefully she lowered herself onto him. He saw the strained pain across her face, as he felt her body tighten around him and ahead of his path within her. "Kale...no," he said gently. "You'll hurt yourself, stop."

"No," she gasped, "let me do this. Just please help me." She guided his hand down between her legs, and as he began to press gently against her clit, she supported herself on her arms, slowly lowering herself, till he was all inside her. She shook as her body slowly remembered his gentle touch, and firm size.

"You didn't have to," he whispered, wiping a tear from her cheek.

"Yes I did," she smiled. "It doesn't hurt really. Its just phantoms. You could say I'm evicting the last of them."

"But you're crying?"

"Because I'm happy D. I've wanted this for a while, but I was afraid you would think it was too soon. Never again my D. Now shut up and love me."

He gladly did, slowly moving inside her at first, letting her body ease to him. Then, without leaving her, he rolled her over, his full weight on her at first driving him deep, then slowly he thrust gently into her. He wanted this too, but he wasn't going to force her. Whether she realized it or not, she was hurting, and he refused to make it worse.

She lay beneath him, holding him close, threading her fingers through his hair, her mind and body remembering his touch, his size, his scent. She loved him, body and soul, how could she think he'd hurt her. She rocked with his movements, his size pushing further and further into her. Gentle, like the leaves that drifted to the ground, she felt her warmth grow and spread through her lower body. A rush of tensing muscles raced up and down her spine, and she gripped D closer as her mind was flooded with euphoria.

He felt her climax, and pushed into her longer and just a little harder. She pulled him closer as her body again tightened around him. This time in a good way. Her breath quickened, as her ecstasy soared her to peaks he thought she'd be too afraid to reach again. Suddenly, his testicles became tight, he felt his own release sneak up on him and over take his senses. He threw his weight into her a few times as his seed erupted from deep within. Their cries never left their tiny camp as they soared high on desire's wings. She'd come back to him now. She truly had. And in that moment, he swore he'd never let anything hurt her again.

By mid morning they were moving again. The road behind was forgotten, the road ahead was all that mattered. Kale could feel the air become damp as morning turned to afternoon. It was only a matter of time before the rains would come. Then the road split. No signs to say which way to go, or what towns lay ahead, down each path. "Which way D?" she asked.

He thought for a moment. He'd been from coast to coast many times, and had been all along the rim of the desert, but had never crossed. Till then. Now he searched his memory and the skyline for memorable landmarks. Only both had failed him. He'd never been this far. So, follow the rising sun. They'd eventually have to turn east and inland, might as well start now. "Right," he said, and lead the way.

The eastward road was rough going. Many areas of it were soft and the mud rose to six inches up the horses' legs. Real horses would often get stuck once, work to get free, then refuse to cross. But Cyborg horses just plodded through. Other areas of the road were like treacherous paths built up to span deep gorges. If a wagon went off, there was little hope of getting it back up in one piece.

When the road wasn't flooded, or crumbling away, it was all up hill. They'd climb a tall hill, go down a short ways, only to go up another hill. It was nearing evening when they reached another crest, only to look down to see an overturned wagon in a mud field. Slowly they made their way around it, looking for signs of survivors. Kale examined the straps and connectors for the missing team, as D made his way around the embedded side. "The horses survived. These have been released, no forced."

"The drivers didn't survive," said D, examining the bodies of two men in the mud.

"Killed on impact?"

"No, one was stabbed, the other had his throat cut."

"Well someone must be coming to salvage what they can. Maybe they won't mind if we take shelter in the back till they get here. That storm is moving in fast D, and I don't want to be out in it, & neither do you."

"We can't stay in the wagon," he said, as he pulled his feet out of the sucking mud. "The mud is too deep & it'll tip as more water goes into the dirt. We'll need to remove the canopy, and set it up on a rise."

Kale tossed some of the smaller items on the ground into the back of the wagon, as D looked around for a suitable spot. But both stopped as they heard crying from the back of the wagon. Then it stopped. "Did you hear that?" she asked, not believing her won ears. "Tell me you didn't hear that." The crying started again, only this time in great unrest. The two ran to the back and started moving boxes around and out of the way.

There, secure in a stiff box in the back corner, was a baby, not more than four months old. D quickly supported the cargo boxes out of the way, while Kale removed the screaming infant. She held the baby to her chest, rocking it, letting it know that it was safe, and not to be afraid.

An idea then came to D. "I can use these crates to block the wagon. We can then stay in the back without fear it'll tip further."

"Fine," said Kale as she comforted the tiny child. "It's ok little one. You're safe now. Sssshhhh don't cry. I'm here." D shook his head, he doubted she even heard him.

Soon, as thunder threatened across the sky, D & Kale settled into the back of the wagon, most of its cargo now outside in the mud, holding the wagon in its current position. The baby had settled somewhat. A fresh diaper on, the two learning in the process the baby was a girl, and now rested within Kale's gently embrace. "There's got to be some milk here D," she said, as the baby tried once to nurse from her threw her clothes.

"There's a jug here," he said. "I never thought to look in it. Sorry." He pulled the clay jug upright and opened it. A strong smell of cow's milk met his scenes. "Now all we need is a bottle." He searched through the smaller boxes and found the only surviving glass bottle with a suitable nipple on it. "It'll be cold," he said, carefully pouring the milk into the bottle.

"I don't think she'll care," she said, as she played with the baby's tiny hands. "How fresh is it?"

"It smells alright, though I wouldn't want to trust it beyond tomorrow."

"Fine. We'll find something." D handed her the bottle and watched as she fed the baby. "What species do you think she is?" D traced his hand along the long triangular ears on either side of her head. The ears reminded him of a cat's ears. He hated cats. They could always tell what he was. They hissed at him wherever he went. "They're so soft," she said. D looked at her. She was so happy. She looked like she could light up the world with the smile on her face.

"Whatever species she is," D began. "The drivers weren't related."

"What do you mean?"

"They're human," he patted the nursing baby's head, and sighed gently as the baby gripped his finger. "She's been kidnapped."

The night was unsettling, the rain poured down mercilessly, the wind rippled the fabric of the wagon cover, and often threatened to tear it off. Between them, the baby was the only one who'd slept. D had suspected the milk had been spiked and tasted a bit of it. He was right, though the small amount given her the night before wouldn't do her any great harm, they needed to find some fresh milk somewhere.

After pouring out the tainted milk, and not finding anything else useful, aside from extra diapers and a few warm blankets, the two mounted up, Kale with the baby, and continued their journey. Shortly after they walked away, the wagon shifted, and crashed threw the crates and sank further into the mud.

By mid morning they reached a few farm areas outside a village. Kale stayed back while D delt with a farmer for a small amount of milk. Without a proper cooling container to carry the milk in, they couldn't bargin for more than the feeding bottle would hold. The farmer agreed and provided the milk, taking in trade a small knife that was easier for his son to use when cutting plants out of the garden. Though the milk would not outlast the knife's usefulness, it was a need, traded for a need and that was fair enough.

They stayed way from the village, not wanting to draw attention to themselves & the baby. Signs on trees and outside homes where deterrent enough. "Purist's Community" some read, and others were even more grotesque, showing mutants being beaten, and words to the effect of "Wipe Them Out". They both felt sick.

D hid Kale in a stand of trees, while he went into town to get supplies for the baby. He had to clench his fists several times, and turn away from many of the people, as the all too human population bragged about how many mutants they killed. Others spoke about finding a mutant village and planning an attack, only to go back and find they'd moved.

Once D had the supplies, he mounted up to leave, but noticed a crowd around a stage in the village square and when to see what was going on. On the stage where two burly men holding a man who looked like one of the baby's people. He had a human face, like the little girl, but his ears were like those of a cat, but hung low on the sides of his head. His face was bruised and bleeding, and his hair was used to hold him prisoner in the strong grip of one of the guards. He thought they were holding some kind of slave labor sale, but soon realized wrong as the young man was quickly killed in front of everyone for the crime of being a mutant. Angered, D quickly left, wanting to return to Kale & the baby before they were discovered.

In the woods, D rode to where he told Kale to wait, only she wasn't there. Max was gone also. "Oh no," said the sym, the first it had said all day, "Do you think a search party went through?"

"I hope not. She's just come back to me, I can't loose her again." He turned Nightmare deeper into the trees. She had to be near by. She couldn't have gone far.

Suddenly, Max bolted out of the trees and slammed into Nightmare's shoulder, throwing D to the ground. "Max! NO! It's ok, it's D!" Kale stepped out of the trees, the baby in her arms.

"What happened?" he asked, brushing himself off as he rose.

"After you left, she started fussing. I saw this man go by with a cow, so I offered him a small piece of silver for some milk. He freaked out when he saw the baby. If it weren't for Max charging him, I think he would have caught up with us and beat us to death with his walking stick. Since then, Max has been herding us deeper into the trees, and literally attacking anything that moved."

"I've got a bit of milk here, and Max is just doing what I've told him to do. Keep you safe."

"Oh, well, I think we should tone it down a little. Here, she's quieted some, but she's hungry & keeps fidgeting. Hold her, I'll get the bottle ready."

"Kale! I..."

"It's ok, she won't break, just don't drop her. Support her head, there, now you've got it." She took the bottle of milk and poured an amount into the baby bottle. When she turned back to D, she couldn't believe the change in him.

His often cold blue eyes had softened, as he looked down at the baby. He almost, just almost, smiled as the child gave him a broad grin. Her tiny fingers reached up and gripped D's fingers firmly. His arm held her firm, but gentle, and he even refused to give her back to Kale, when she reached for her. "I'll feed her," he said, sitting under a large evergreen. Kale sat down facing him, as he held the bottle for the baby.

"We should give her a name," she said. "If only to call her something."

"I agree," he replied, marveling at the way the baby looked at him. So trusting. "Something...for both of us."

"What do you mean?"

"Kale, from what I saw in the village, I highly doubt we'll find her family." He looked at her with his soft blue eyes and saw that she'd been thinking the same thing. "We could keep her."

"Don't say that unless you mean it."

"I mean it," he said softly. "I saw them kill one of her kind, Kale. They're wiping them out." She saw his arm move around the baby, not wanting to let go. "I think we should keep her. And get her out of this insanity, before its too late." She hugged him. She couldn't quite grasp that he wanted to keep the baby. He never showed interest in children before. Perhaps, what they say is true. A baby does change a person.

"You do mean it. We really can be a family. Oh, but how? D, lets face it. We don't exactly live normal lives. How can we raise her when we're constantly going after monsters & such."

"We take a breather," he answered putting the baby over his shoulder to burp her. He did remember that much from watching Kale the night before. "I'm sure father won't mind we stay with him for a time. He's often teased Adrian and myself about making him a grandfather. Now's his chance...ooops."

"What? What's wrong?"

"I forgot, babies tend to spit up."

She laughed as D returned the baby to his arms to finish her feeding. A small patch of white left on his shoulder. "Don't worry. We'll clean it off."

"Any ideas for a name?"

"Well...one does come to mind. KD."


"No. KD. Part you, and part me. Like you said."

He looked down to the baby. "KD...I like it."

Kale leaned closer and kissed KD's little head. "Welcome to the family KD," she whispered with a smile. "Don't worry, we're not that crazy."