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Of the Heart

Chapter 8 Wolves in Fools Clothes

Kale woke the next morning to a hard chill across her feet & nose. She checked on KD, nestled safely in her arms, warm and asleep. She then pulled her feet beneath her blanket and tucked her nose into the folds of her cloak around KD.

"Oh, that's nice," Katlyn loudly whispered.

'Oh no,' she thought. 'They're not gonna...'

"Come on Lunk, if you're gonna fuck me, do it right!" she whispered again.

'Yep. They are,' Kale pulled her blanked closer, and tried to cover KD's ears. 'Just ignore them.'

"UUH, UUH...Deeper Lunk, Harder!"

"Sssshhhh, you'll wake Kale," he hushed.

She couldn't help but smile, trying desperately not to laugh. She felt like the proverbial fly on the way that all know is there. "Oh alright, take me outside, and do this right!"

"Now you're talkin'."

'Thank god,' she heard Lunk shuffle out of the den, Katlyn complaining quietly about his lack of care in doing so. "Thank you for sleeping through that KD."

"Oh SHIT!!!" Kat cried. "Oh YHA!!!!"

"Come on Katlyn," grunted Lunk, "Take it all. Oh!! Ung!"

"Are you two quite through!" called another voice. Kale was at once alert.

"Oh, Damin it! Badly, do you have to arrive so fucking early!" shouted Katlyn.

"Shush love, or you'll wake them." Kale moved closer to the entrance trying to see the new man outside, but trying not to be seen herself.


"Yha. You remember the baby in the back of the wagon about a week ago or so. The one you said would sleep till we got back the next morning to clear out the rest of the stuff. And when we did the kid was gone and most of the stuff was...hey! Let go!!"

"You listen to me you little whore. You keep this up, and I'll make sure the next fucking you get, is from the cyber sexbot in Tenling. And I won't turn him off!"

"Sorry. Just thought you'd want to know that the kid, and the woman who took her, are in the den."

"She is, hu?"

"Yha," Lunk pulled his trousers on as he spoke. "She thinks we're all buddy buddy and all. Shouldn't be too hard to get her to let Katlyn take care of the brat while she sleeps, or goes off to relieve herself. Then we just leave."

"And the horse?" Kale could see the man now as he stepped out from behind Lunk's wagon. He was tall, not as tall a Lunk, rather fat, and he was bald, which she surmised Badly wasn't' his real name.

"Can't get near it," Lunk said, securing his belt. "They've got some freaky instructions to it."

"Well, the girl dead, those instructions will be null & void."

"Oh come on Badly, I wana fuck her first."


"Oh come on, you can't take me at full size. I wanna REALLY FUCK someone. You know, really give them the feeling of splitting in two. And besides, you know you like me best after I'm totally satisfied."

"Oh. Alright."

"Fine, fine, no Lunk, you come with me. My horse tore some gears & put the cart off the road. You'll need to push while we get your horse to pull."

"You're gonna take our horse, aren't you!?" wined Kat.

The man slapped her on her cheek as he taunted her. "You've got two bitch."


"Which are both needed to haul this wagon!"

"Well, you better hope Lunk fucks that bitch & kills her quick. Lets go!"

Kale watched the two men leave, while Kat lay down in their wagon, frustrated over her lover going off without her. Kale took that moment to quietly slip out and away, over the small hill the den had been dug in. Safe on the other side, and out of sight of the wagon, she whispered for Max to follow slowly. On the other side, she mounted up and headed off into the trees. "What a fool I am," she cursed quietly. "I can't believe I fell for their act. Class one idiot Kale, nice going. Nearly getting yourself killed, and KD back into whatever danger she was in the first place. Max. We need a safe place to wait for D. Find one for us." Max bobbed his head, and continued on. His eyes changing from the normal blue to red, as his scanners searched the area.

"How will you find her?"

"Rilu, please."

"Its alright," D climbed into his saddle, and looked back at the two as they rode up to meet him. "I won't find her."


"Nightmare will."

"How?" she asked, as her husband joined the two heading out of the village in the early dawn.

"Max and Nightmare can track each other's hoof tracks. Then within a certain radius, Nightmare or Max can smell where we are, or track a blood trail, just like a hound."


"It was Kale's idea. She was worried that someone would try to take them, so she spent months just talking to them. I called it babying them, but she got amazing results, and they have been key to saving both of us, many times."

"So how will this help us now?" Densa couldn't help but sound skeptical. He was trusting a stranger, who trusted his horse, to find the woman who had his child. 'Can you say insane?' he thought.

"Once we reach the place where Kale redirected Max, Nightmare can take it from there. If all goes well, we should reach her by mid afternoon."

>From a distance, they were only shadows, and at a distance, they would remain until the time was right.

Max nudged Kale toward the rocks. At first she didn't understand, she didn't see any openings there. Max then started pawing the ground. Of course. The cave was behind the bush that he was eating the dying leaves from. "Perfect," she said, pulling a few twigs from his forelock. "Now Max, listen," she collected her blankets & baby supplies, and faced her four-legged friend. "D should have caught up with us by now. You go back to the cross road, where all the mud is. Remember?" Max nodded his head. "You track Nightmare & D from there, and you bring them here. I won't leave till you get back."

Max walked away, but turned back, as though he were having second thoughts about leaving them alone. "Go Max." she urged. "Bring him back to us." He snorted and disappeared into the trees.

The ride wasn't all that uncomfortable, but Rilu insisted on stopping for lunch. She was getting so anxious that if she didn't do something to take her mind off the length of the journey, she was going to start crying all over again. So when the reached the remains of the village, they set up, in of all places, the old bar and inn. Within a short time, Rilu had hot soup and tea. D passed on the soup, but took the tea. "How did you meet Kale?" she asked him, as she washed up the pot & bowels.

"Rilu, don't pry."

"I'm not," she huffed. "D had hardly said a word through this whole trip. If I don't get him to say something..."

"She was sick," D muttered. The parents were silent, maybe surprised he'd found his voice. He sounded very sad though. "I found her, she was very sick. I stayed with her, to protect her from those who'd take advantage of her."

"That's very noble of you." Rilu surmised.

D tossed the last of his tea out of his cup. "Falling for her wasn't planned. It just happened."

"Sometimes, that's all it takes."

Suddenly Nightmare started neighing, and tried to pull away from where he was tied. "What's with your horse?" Densa asked, rushing over to grab the reins of his two horses, as Nightmare's persistence broke the beam they were tied to, setting him free.

The gray steed pranced around, neighing loudly. "Nightmare Stand!" commanded D, his didn't listen the horse threw his head high, his high shrill call echoed off the remaining structures. D grabbed the flying reins, managing only to keep him running away. Just then he heard another horse's call. "Max?"

"What is it?" asked Rilu, holding her own horse's reins.

"It's Max. MAX!" he shouted. From over the hill, Max bolted in full gallop. His lengthened legs covering the distance to D in no time. "Max. What ere you...?"

"If that's her horse, where is she?!" shrieked the mother.

"I don't know," D examined Max's saddlebags. "Wherever she is, she has milk and supplies for the baby only till this evening. Rilu, I didn't feel it proper to ask, but now I must. Can you still nurse your baby?"


"Good," he secured Max's reins to the pommel of his saddle, then mounted up. "We go. Max. take us to Kale!" Max turned and bolted back down the road.

"Is he always this fast?" Densa asked.

"No, something isn't right." 'Kale, KD. No. I can't bear to loose you both in one day.' "Pick up the pace!" What could be so wrong that Kale would send Max to find him? Was she in trouble? Was she hurt? Or was she just worried about D not finding her? Either way he was going to get to her. "Watch the mud!" he called, as Max veered wide around the turn. The three followed, the horse's feet slipping slightly on the grass as they sped along.

After about three hours of running, Max finally stopped in the small clearing near the high rock wall, a small bush with yellowing leaves grew close to the edge of the hill. D and his two followers stopped next to Max. "Is this it?" asked Densa.

"Kale's here," he said, as they dismounted.


"A cave, some kind of shelter. Protected." Densa took a step toward the hill. Max squealed and dashed at him, forcing him back behind D. Then he settled and returned to standing next to Nightmare. Densa tried again. "No!" he warned. "Max will only force you back again. Stay here. I should talk to her first anyway."


"Please. This is going to be very hard for her. You've trusted me, and come this far. Please trust me now."

"Densa, please. She's very close, I know it. We can wait just a little longer. Please."

"Alright. We'll stay here. But please, I'm not wanting to sound demanding, but hurry."

D nodded and stepped up to the rocks. He first looked for footholds or anything to climb on, thinking the cave was higher. Max neighed, and as he looked back, the silver horse put his head to the ground where he stood. D looked down and found where the horse had pawed the ground. Then, pushing the branches of the bush aside, he found the cave. He took a deep breath and went in, stooping low at the entrance.

"I don't think this is such a good idea Trexa."

The long eared woman turned to the man behind her. "I will not go back to servicing the needs of every dick in camp!" she snapped. "I will complete my assignment. I will bring that baby back, and the bitch that has her will be dead, and tied to the front of my vehicle for all to see. And her man will service ME for a change!"

"You're crazy Trexa," he said, as her wide glassy eyes turned to him. "I'm out of here. Trackers, lets go." Before he could move. Trexa reached behind her and pulled a long dagger from the scarab across her back. But when she held it out, blood had already coated the blade. The young man behind her, slumped forward, then sideways off his seat. His stomach was cut open, from one side to the other.

Trexa stood and shed her blood covered suite, pulled a fresh one from her bag, and put it on. Only this one bore the color pattern of the head trainer, Master Reaches, and was miles too big for her tiny frame. The other trackers all looked to her in dismay. Reaches' name was embroidered across the left lapel in their language. "What are you looking at?!" she snapped, rushing her bloodied blade beneath the chin of the closest young man who stared.

"Nothing!" he squeaked.

"Nothing, what?" she insisted.

"Nothing...Master Trexa," he stammered.

"Good, and don't you forget that." She pushed him away, whipping the blood on his backside. "They're in these trees somewhere. Find them! And id any of you even think of running, remember this," she drew her gun and shot out the tires of all the vehicles accept her. Which she carried the keys for. "I'm better than you. MOVE! NOW!!"

D sat on the floor of the cave just looking. The sun's light, filtered down through the crevices above, giving a soft glow around the two forms in front of him. Kale had covered herself and the baby in a blanket of thick evergreen bowes. It was warm under them, he could tell. They'd spent a few nights like that their first winter together.

Presently they were sleeping, the baby's face calm and peaceful, Kale's arm around her protectively as she lay wrapped in the green cloak. He couldn't bring himself to wake her. For right now, this instant, this was his family. His woman, his wife, and their child. He didn't believe he had the strength of heart to tear it all apart.

He found himself looking around the cave for another way out. Finding only the tiny holes in the rocks above, he turned back to them. "You know what you have to do," whispered the sym. sympathetically.

"I know," he replied sadly, a tear running down his cheek. Surprised he looked at it on the end of his finger. He hadn't shed tears in a long time. He didn't think he could any more. "I just can't bare hurting her. She'd never going to forgive me."

"Maybe. But think of the questions the kid will ask later on, if you do keep her. Do you think you can answer them honestly? I know how much you hate to lie,"

He closed his eyes, fighting back the pain that threatened his heart. How could a child work her way into his heart so quickly? He couldn't stand the feeling of loosing her. If he felt like this, what was Kale going to go through? Whatever it as going to be like for her, he'd be there for her, as he always was, ah always will be.

Slowly he leaned forward and gently kissed Kale's brow. At once she was awake. "D!" she immediately looked to KD. Safe, good. "Some mother. I didn't even hear you come in."

"Kale..." his voice cracked slightly.

"It was really cold last night, were you warm enough out there?"

"Yes, but..." he couldn't find the words.

"Did Max find you? What am I saying, of course he did. He had to lead you here." She pushed the bowed off her and sat up, but now KD was semi awake and gently fussing in the green covering. "Is it relatively warm outside?"

"The sun is out," he sighed.

"Good. What time of day is it?"

"About mid afternoon."

"Are we still on the proper road?"

"Yes. But Kale..." how could he tell her he was taking their child away.

"How long till the next village, do you know?" D shook his head. She could tell something was bothering him, but she knew that if she just kept talking to him, he'd find a way to tell her. "Well I met up with Lunk and Katlyn again. You were right. They are trouble. They're the ones who attacked the wagon KD was in. They left her behind to return with a bigger wagon for the loot that they couldn't carry the first time."


"We'll have to watch out for them as we go. They did say that Donrath is three day's from here. If you hold up KD & me & ride all night, can we make it in less than two days?"

"No. Kale..."

"That's ok." She couldn't stand it any longer. "D what's wrong? You keep saying my name, and then you clam up. What is it?"

"Kale...its about the baby," he began slowly. She suddenly didn't like where this was going. And held KD closer. "While I was dodging the mob, a woman, named Trexa, found me. Sort of. She's one of KD's people Kale."


"She was sent by...by the baby's parents." He could see the pain in her eyes, her face working to keep from crying, her breath quick trying not to panic. "They want her back..."

"NO!" she begged.

"She was abducted about a month and a half ago, they've been searching ever sense."

"NO!" her voice cracked.

"Her name..."

"Don't!!" without her real name, KD was still her child.

"Her name Kale, is..."


"...is Lessira."


"They told me about her birthmark." He traced his fingers in a heart shape over his chest where she knew the mark was on KD.

"No! Please, D, Don't do this!"

"She's the daughter of..."

"She's ours,..." her tears poured down her face as she tried to control herself.

"Her parents are Densa & Rilu."

'It can't be real, can't be true,' "They're dead!!"

"No. We thought they were. But no."

"They can't have her!"

"Kale, I know this hurts," his voice faltered as he spoke. "It hurts me too."

"We can run. We've got the horses.

"Kale, listen to yourself." She looked from D to KD.

"She needs me."

"For a while she did. Now she needs her mother."

"I'm her...!"

"No, honey," he said softly, "You're not. As much as you and I want you to be, you're not. Her mother, and her father are outside. With Max & Nightmare."

"You brought them here? D! How could you?!"

"Kale. We have to do the right thing here," he ran his hand over the baby's head as she cried slightly, feeling Kale's upset over the news. "Think of what's best for Lessira."


"No, Kale. Lessira. That's her name." He brushed away her tears as she cried. "Kale, if we did keep her, and I have thought what you're thinking, what can we tell her when she asks about her people? Or even her parents? What if she asks if we ever had a chance to return her to her people? What can we tell her?"

"She's our daughter," she cried.

"For a time she was," he whispered softly. "Now its time for her to go home." He held them close, one last family embrace. "Only you can do the right thing," he said, "Whatever you decide, I'll be there for you. I promise." He let her go wiping her tears. "I'll wait outside. Take your time. I won't leave without you." He pushed his way past the bush and waited, waving Densa & Rilu to remain where they were.

Inside, Kale held close to the little bundle, frantically trying to think of what to do. Where D had gone was the only cave access. And if she did get out, would Max listen & obey a command to Keep D way from her. The baby started to cry. She was hungry. She pulled out the milk bottle, only to find it empty. She located the canister, only to find the cap was crooked, and what milk was left had leaked out. She rocked her in her arms trying to calm her. "I'm sorry," she cried, "I'm sorry."

The baby settled, playing with Kale's loose long hair. "Aw wang wama," she sounded, and it only made Kale cry harder. In her heart she knew, KD...Lessira had told her. 'I want mama,' and it wasn't' Kale she wanted. She knew then what she had to do.