Christmas With Dracula, Chapter 4
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Author: Charlotte MacFarlane
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Chapter 4 Lost Within

"Hold her down!!" Corbin shouted, sifting through his medical bag.

"What are you doing!?" called D, frantically holding Kale's screaming form on the bed. Delron lay unconscious on the floor. What had happened to him, he couldn't say, nor did he care.

"I'm giving her a strong sedative! Hold her still," quickly he stuck the needle in her shoulder, careful not to let D get in the way. Slowly she eased, then fell quiet. D pulled the covers over her, stroking her hair neatly across the pillows. Corbin went to his friend, and helped him to his chair. "Delron, what happened?"

"Give me...a minute," he gasped.

"If you've hurt her, I'll kill you," D hissed, tracing Kale's fingers across his lips.

"D please. What ever happened was to help her. Some things aren't as easy to face as others."

"Corbin's right," Delron wheezed. "Must rest. Need...quiet."

"Come on. I'll take you to another room." D's warning eyes watched them leave. Corbin supporting Delron as though he were wounded. When the door closed, he stretched out over the bed next to her, his woman close to his chest.

Delron turned over to see Corbin sitting in a chair next to his bed. He didn't remember his smaller friend laying him down on the bed, all he knew, or cared about at that moment was that the bed was soft, the air cool, and the room was quiet. Then he tried to sit up and remembered why he needed a quiet room. He head hurt. More than hurt. His skull felt like it would split at any second. Even hangover's didn't feel THIS bad. "Oh, that hurts," he muttered softly.

"Del. Are you alright?"

"I'm fine Corbin. She's such an emotional woman. I've never met anyone like her. Or been in touch with a mind like that. I got caught up in her pain and fears. What she's gone intense...I wasn't prepared. Next time. I will be."

"You better rest a while longer. You've been out all night."

"You needn't take care of me, please."

"Alright. I'll see if Linda has some breakfast ready. I'll be in the dinning room."

"I'll find you."

He wasn't sleeping. How could he? She was tucked in close, in who knows what kind of heartache. He wished, for the hundredth time that he could take it away. He kissed her brow as she rolled away and sat up. Gently he rubbed his hand up and down her back, as she pulled off her nightshirt and pants. "You want me to draw a bath for you?"

"No," she replied softly, pulling a blanket from the foot of the bed over them both. "Just felt tied up in that." She kissed him gently, dancing her tongue across his teeth, as she straddled his hips. Carefully he spread his hands over her naked flesh as she rubbed against him. She felt so wonderful, her skin under his touch, her lips on his, and she tasted sweet, like sugar.

"This isn't such a good idea," he whispered, as his body responded to her.

"It's never a good idea, but it's always fun." He looked into her eyes, as she pressed herself closer to him. Her eyes were bright, and happy, love and lust for him sang across their surfaces, her entire demeanor had changed. She was his once more. "I want you," she whispered softly, her lips teasing his to a kiss once more.

Quickly he removed his trousers as far as she would allow him to move her away, and reveled in the sensation as she slowly lowered her body onto his waiting spire. Eagerly he sought out her breasts and drew his lips around an erect nipple, while applying adequate attention to the other with his hand. At the same time, she ground herself onto him, his length sliding deeper still, her moans increasing as he helped her manipulate her body on him. Slowly he rolled over on top of her, pushing into her hard and deep. She held him close, calling with each delighted sound to continue. Repeatedly he threw his weight into her, surprised that she would accept such an aggressive plunge into her sacred place, but through her caresses, he found she didn't care. She drew him to a kiss, as his thrusts increased, pushing her closer to her point of ecstasy. Gently he tread his arms around her, forming an anchor at her shoulders, preventing her from sliding over the satin sheets, as his thrusts me her limits.

She enjoyed the new sensations, as did he, their moans singing through their room. She curled herself to edge him deeper still, he felt her body quiver gently at his continued assault. "Don't fight it," he gasped softly, realizing she was trying to keep from cuming before him. "Let it go."

Within moments her arms tightened around him as her muscles contracted. He so loved this feeling. His moans turned to gentle grunts to hardy cries as his ecstasy sailed with hers, their love song echoing off the walls.

As they lay there, catching their breaths, he kissed the sweat off her brow, working his way to her upper lip. Kissing her gently he pulled her on top of him, not wanting to part from her just yet. She drew him to a kiss, long and deep, that really surprised him. Then he heard the four most horrid words, he'd ever though she'd say. "I love you Moos."

That hurt. She looked at him and all she saw was a man she loved centuries ago. But why? "I know you don't like to hear me say it, but I like to say it."

"It's ok," he sighed, slowly he took off his left glove, placing the palm against her temple, he whispered. "Sleep, my sweet, sleep." Gently he laid her down, securing the covers around her.



"She's different. I could sense it. She doesn't know you."

"She doesn't..."

"No. D. I think...I think she's lost. Inside!"

He replaced his glove and clothes, and bolted from the room. He knew who was responsible, and he'd pay!

"How do you feel?" Corbin asked, as Delron strode calmly into the dinning area. Adrian and Dracula were also at the table, a plate of generous portions of mean and vegetables on the plates before them. Corbin had not told Delron that Dracula was a Vampire, nor D & Adrian were Dhampires. He was only told they were an eccentric family, who's sons hunted the darker creatures.

"Fine. I'll see if she's ready to continue later on. HEY!!"

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER!!" D had sprinted through he door and pinned the man to the wall, holding him up by his shirt collar, his fingers practically digging into the man's flesh.

"D!! Let him go!!" shouted Adrian, pulling at his brother's arms joined by his father and Corbin, but at the moment they had little success.


"What are you talking about?"

"D! Release him! This instant!!" Dracula yelled, his voice echoing in the thoughts of his oldest son. Together the three men managed to pry the enraged Dhampire away from Delron, letting him slide down the wall the 4 feet he'd been lifted off it. "No calm down D! Calm down! What the hell is this all about!?"

"Him, father, ask him!"

"I haven't a clue," stated Del. "Last I saw, you were with her. What happened?"

"I slept at her side. I spoke to her when she woke. I made love to her!! And she calls me by her dead lover's name! What did you do!!"

"Ouch," whispered Adrian, gaining an angry look from D and his father.

"What I did?" Del righted his collar as he stood. "What have you done!? When I left her she was resting. Is she had woken, you should have sent for one of us. She would have been in who knows what kind of state! Where did you leave her?!"

"I made her sleep, and you will stay away from her!"

"Be serious D. I'm the only one who can help her!"

"How did you put her to sleep?" asked the man.

"Not of your business. Only that she's asleep. She'll wake if you rouse her." Delron reached his hand out over her forehead, only to have D grab his arm. "You've done enough to her. Tell me how to correct this, and I'll do it!"

"You can't. Do you know what's happened? She's trapped herself in her own past. With a nudge in the right place, at the right time, she'll be back on track. But I know how her mind works. I've been in there. You haven't. Can you say you can do this without traumatizing her beyond her own ability to recover?" D said nothing. "D. Not all of us want to hurt her. We all want to help her. Now please, let me do my work."

"Just bring her back to me."

She rolled over in the bed. She loved being in his room. He had a waterbed, and the things they did together in that buoyant place were amazing. But when she reached for him, he wasn't there. Then she heard the rustling from the living room. "Moos?"

"Yes?" came his voice.

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing," he answered

"Well come here, we'll do something."

"Can't do that right now."

"My dad here?" Quickly she grabbed her clothes form the floor, clamoring into them before her father arrived at the apartment. "Why didn't you tell me!?"

"What is he driving?"

"A truck. You know that. A...truck..." something wasn't right. She looked at Moos as she joined him, but there was something strange. He was hazy, and didn't seem to focus too well in her sight, even though she had her glasses on.

"A black truck?" Moos's voice had suddenly changed, becoming deeper. His image had also changed, becoming taller, heavier set, with longer black hair over his shorter brown.

"I know you...don't I?" outside the apartment she could hear voices, ones she knew, some she didn't. then screams, her screams. She turned to him, confused and frightened, but somehow, looking at this transformed Moos made her feel a bit more at ease.

"In a way," he answered. "I am Delron."

"The...the shrink!"


"Where are we?"

"This is you. We are in your mind."

"Why here? Why this place?"

"You couldn't face what had happened to you. You chose this place to hide in. You were confused. I'm here to help you. Do you remember...a black truck?"

"Yes...they took me away...they stripped me...OH GOD!!!" she tried to shrink away from the memories, but Delron held her close, his voice soft, his hold on her firm but gentle.

"I'm here. You have to face the rest, or these flashes you've been having will destroy you."

"I can't," she cried.

"Yes, you can. And I'll be there to help you, and D is right beside you."

"Does he know what's happening?"

"He knows, and he's worried about you."

"I want to go back to him"

"To do that, you need to go forward."

"Forward? From here?"

"Yes." He turned to the door of the apartment, the one door he couldn't open. To her this was her secret place, she was safe here, and all the horrible things she'd gone through were just outside that door.

"You won't leave me?" she asked, turning from the door.


"Forward? And D isn't going anywhere either is he?" she asked, stepping up to the apartment door. She felt a gently hand around her left hand, though nothing was there.

"He's locked at your side, my dear. You must go forward."

Slowly she opened the door. "People always said that you can't go home again." She disappeared to his mind's sight as she left the security of her memory. And all that he saw before flashed by at an incredible speed. Then.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!!" someone yelled, pulling the man away from her.

She was still naked, and strapped to the gurney. The strange older man had been playing with her for a while. The drugs she'd been given causing her to black out from one moment to the next. "Please," she gasped as her mind woke once more. "Please le me go."

"You are a stubborn one aren't you? Get him out of here. He's not to go near the test subjects again."

"Test...subjects?" she asked. "What...what are you...doing to me?"

"Doc. We need another injection here."

"No, dad...let me go...He needs me!"

Harshly the man threaded the white cloth over her feet. Another man in a white coat entered and jabbed a large needle into her thy once more. "That should do it. Did he...?"

"No. I managed to stop him. Get me some of those wipes you use. I've gotta clean her up." She felt the men clean her skin between her legs, and felt the restraints removed and the white outfit pulled onto her. She vaguely felt the discomfort of tubes being put down her throat and nose, and into her genitalia. 'Daddy...I'm sorry..."

"What is it? What's wrong?" he asked, as Delron sat back in his chair, a strange grin across his face. He seemed overly pleased with himself.

"Calm down D," Del assured. "She's reached a lull in her memory. I need a moment to prepare. She needs to rest. You need to calm down. I can sense you, and it's getting difficult to sort out you from her. Blocking you is getting even harder."

"I can't help it."

"I know. But please, try."

D looked to Kale lying so still before him. He noticed a single tear escape her eye, and gently he whipped it away.