Christmas With Dracula, Chapter 7
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Author: Charlotte MacFarlane
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Chapter 7 Two Songs, One Heart, One Voice

According to Dracula, Christmas was only four short days away, and he was busy getting the house ready for his annual ball. D and Adrian remained out of their father's way, for when it came to this event, he was adamant about things going smoothly, and often became angered at others intruding on something he felt was his alone.

D had other things to worry about anyway. Kale had for some reason become more distant. She seemed almost depressed once more. He thought then about her music. Why he hadn't earlier, he couldn't' fathom, but he stole out to the bar in search of her CD player and disks. He was sure she had some Christmas music somewhere, but all he found were some Christmas CDs and some of her mix music CDs she'd made herself long ago. "Where did it go?" he asked aloud. Max shook his head and a piece of paper dislodged from inside his neck. Quickly D read what it said. "A purchase receipt? For one Antique Music player, and 15 disks. Price of 40P 17b. on no. Kale, Why?" Quickly he looked through the remaining CDs, only to find that the one that had the song she used down south to save him from Tagrez, was no longer in her position. "She sold them?" he asked again. "Why would she do that?"

"Because she wanted to get you a present for Christmas," whispered his father behind him.

He turned quickly, his shock turning to anger. She had so few things from back then, she didn't even have a picture of her father anymore. "How could she just sell her CD player, father!? If she needed the money she only had to tell me."

"And what would that have gained her D? Like you she is very proud, and won't ask for what she hasn't earned."


"To have done so would have hurt her deeply. She sacrificed her past treasures, D, for a greater treasure. You. The question I have, is are you worthy of it?"

"There's no name on this receipt. How do I find where she sold it?"

"Did you not say the horse is smart?"

D turned back to Max. "Max, take me to where Kale sold her music player." Abruptly Max backed away, tossing his head high, and stomping his front feet. "Max! Settle!" At once he did.

"It would seem Kale thought you'd do this. So..."

"So we'll have to do this the old fashion way."


"Father, please. I've never asked for anything like this before. But, I love her, please help me now."

"Well...sense you put it that way. The house is as ready as it will get. There are some things I'd like to pick up in town. So, we won't find it by standing here all day. Let us go."


"Oh, hi Adrian. What can I do for you?" She pulled herself away from staring out their bedroom window. She had watched D charge purposely across the courtyard, followed by a cloaked figure she knew was his father. What power he had to protect himself from the winter day's full sun, she couldn't fathom. The sarcastic side of her thought of sun block, with SPF 2500 and Ultra Ultra UVB protection, but with an inward smile and stifled giggle she kept herself from saying it aloud.

Then she watched as father and son, each with their own horse, left the barn and headed out. "Actually," continued Adrian, "I was hoping we could talk. I need some advice. And father isn't really good with this kind of thing."

"Oh? What can I possibly advise you on."

"Well," Adrian sat down on the footstool next to her that she'd pushed over with her foot. "I have this friend, really close and all."

"A girl?"

"Well of course, you see, you can help."

"Why am I not surprised? Go on."

"Well, seems she's had a run of bad luck lately, though things are starting to come around for her, she still seems really depressed. What can I do?"

"Honestly, talk to her. She may open up."

"You really think so?"

"Most people want to talk about what's bothering them. It just takes a little coaxing to get them to open up, and the right person to talk to wouldn't hurt either."

"Alright. I'll try it."


"So? What's got you so down lately?"

"I hate it when you do that." She mumbled with a smile.

"Well come on. You seemed so happy, or at least better, for a while. Now you're all sad again. What gives? Did you and D have a fight?"


"Then what?"

Kale sat back in her chair, and smiled distantly, a look Adrian recognized as her remembering the years before she was taken. "I remember when stores would start their Christmas sales, even before Halloween was over. By the end of November there'd be Christmas songs playing on the radio, and people would be cheery, cause to each of us, Christmas meant something different.

"With all the craziness of the shopping, wrapping gifts, and cooking was over with, to me Christmas was a time to make people happy, in little ways." "Like?"

"A joke, or story, a song, or even a gag gift. But lately, I haven't been feeling like it's Christmas."

"Why not?"

"No snow for one thing. I would always love a little snow at Christmas. It makes everything look new and clean. I loved driving down the road to my house after a snow fall, and before the plows came through. I loved the way the snow clung to the sleeping branches of the hardwood trees, and how it would sit and decorate the evergreens. Oh Adrian, I could smell the crispness of the air when snow was coming. I still can, but...I guess you'd have to had been there to know."

"Memories are a wonderful thing, Kale. Never hid them always share them. Even if it is just with D. When you're not happy, he's beside himself wondering why. Now don't you feel better?"

"No, Adrian. That's not what's bother me."

"Then what? Come on Kale, I'm a good listener, and my shoulders are as broad as D's, quite capable of lending one for you to cry on if you like."

"Thanks, but no."

"Please Kale, what is it?"

"It's your father's Christmas present."

"What about it?"

"I have no way to give it to him."

"What do you mean?"

"It's a song actually. I sing. But the music is on this CD." She held up a CD, she'd kept at her side. "Only now I can't play it."

"The batteries for your player are dead?"

"Worse. I sold it."

"What? Why?"

"I needed the money, for D's present, and I wanted to pay for it with my own money. I sold pretty near everything of value I had too. Now I can't even play this for your dad. D's gona be so mad if he ever finds out."

"He won't be man. He'll understand. I know he will. Now let me see this disk of yours." Carefully he looked over the old plastic, then handed it back to her. "Come with me."

Adrian led Kale through the house to the basement. A place she was encouraged not to venture alone, for fear she may injur herself under fallen boxes, if it ever happened. "Yuk!" she cried, whipping cobwebs from her face. "Why is it that basements have to look like old crypts? What is that!?"

Adrian shone his flashlight the length of the object she'd shone her light on. "Oh, that's father's old coffin."

"He still has it? Don't tell me he still uses it?"

"From time to time. Father's powers have grown so, that he only uses the coffin to hibernate in."

"Is that why no one seems to be able to kill him? Cause his powers protect him?"

"You got it. Over here." Kale watched as shone her light so Adrian could see better what he was looking for. "I saw it when I came down for the lights. I should be,...yes! Here it is." He pulled down a large box and set it on the floor. "Yes. This is it. You think you can use this?"

"Lets get it up stairs. Your room preferably. I don't want D asking questions."

"Sure. Here, take my flashlight. I'll lead, you light the way."

A short time later, safe from prying eyes behind Adrian's bedroom door, the two tore into the box to reveal an old stereo. Complete with CD player. "When did Dracula get this?" she asked.

"Date on the box says,...2004. He likes to date his stored items, just in case he goes looking for something from a certain era."

"I guess the war hadn't got into full swing yet," she muttered. "How dad must have worried about me."

"You say something?"

"No. Just thinking out loud. Does it still work?"

"One way to find out. Father always put a converter in the electronics boxes he stored, always kept them up to date too. Here it is. Care to help me set it up?" Together the sterio was set up in an hour. Most of the time was used to untangle wires that had been hastily gathered and thrown in when the unit was last packed away.

"Ok," she said holding her CD, "the moment of truth." She pushed the power button, it came on, a soft buzz emitting from the speakers. "Well, it didn't blow up. Now lets see if it will play." She set her CD in the tray, and pushed the play button. Sure enough it played. Perfectly. Those first goofy words spoken on the CD.


"That's Jim Carry alright," she laughed, pressing the button to skip to the song she wanted. Sure enough the old stereo played the song beautifully.

"I don't see what's so big about that guy at the beginning. You looked really happy to hear him. Did you date him or something?"

"God NO!" she laughed. "Jim Carry was an actor, comedian, his best was a mix of physical and verbal comedy. I loved his performance in The Mask. I think it was his first big hit. Oh, I'm sorry. You had to see him perform to know."

"There wasn't anything like this when I was growing up. All I had to worry about was which girl to go out with first."

"Well each of us had our little dilemmas, I'm sure. How did your dad keep this In such good shape?"

"Well, you know how we kept telling you to not go to the basement?"


"Well it wasn't just the fear of falling boxes. When father took over and rebuilt the house, he redesigned the basement to be completely sealed off from the outside. When things were stored down there, a code would be punched in a keypad at the top of the stairs, and the whole basement would be turned into a giant vacuum. The air would be sucked out, so nothing would decay."

"Sounds like the store rooms of the archs. They were vacuum sealed too. At least that's what D figured. All my stuff was like it was in 2001. Anyway, come on, help me get this into the ballroom where no one will see it. Before D and your father come back." "Where'd they go anyway?"

"Not sure. I just hope they get back soon. D and I had spent so much time apart lately, I don't want to be away from him for very long, if I can help it. I miss him."

"He'll be back. You'll see."

It was well after Sunset, when D rounded a corner, a block away from where he'd meet up with his father. There was a small shop not far away, he saw his father heading towards him as he continued on to the shop. He'd just put his hand on the door when his father joined him. "This would be the last one till tomorrow," said the deceptively older man. "The shops will be closing for the night. If it isn't here, we'll start again tomorrow."

"We've got to find it father. You've no idea how much joy she gets from singing her old songs. And I love to hear her."

"Will you give it back to her for Christmas?"

"No. I have something else for that. But I would like to surprise her with it later on. Come on, before this one closes." As the two men stepped inside the young man behind the counter looked up.

"You haven't much time gentlemen," he said cheerfully. "I'm just about to close."

"We are looking for something particular," said Dracula, as D surveyed the displays.

"There!" he said pointing into the case. The young man went over and looked in. "That's Kale's music player."

"I bought it from a woman named Kale, some weeks ago," he said.

"I'm not arguing your purchase, or her decision to sell it. I'm here to buy it back, along with the 15 disks that came with it."

"I can't sell it to you for what I bought it for. I've worked on it sense then."

"Do I look like I care!"

"D calm down. You're frightening the boy. Go over there and calm down. Now!" After D left the counter, the young clerk looked to Dracula.

"Is he alright?"

"Yes child, he's fine. We've just been looking all day for the shop that purchased the player and disks."

"Why not ask her?"

"Because we wish the return of the player to be a surprise, that's all."

"Oh. Now I understand. Well. The unit's power source has been altered to run off today's power packs. Each one lasts a total of three days of continuous play. I should know, I tested each one. I've put three in the kit. All are full charged. There's the unit, the headphones, the packs, the charger, a cleaning kit, and of course, the disks."

"How much?"


"That's outrageous!" D shouted.

"But still fair for the work he's put in and the extras he's selling with the unit," Dracula continued, a warning glance to his son. D fell silent. "Put it all in a box please."

As the clerk headed into the back with the items, D turned to his father. "I didn't bring any money with me."

"Not to worry. I did. I always have a few hundred pieces on my person when I head out. You can pay me back tomorrow."

"Here you are gentlemen," said the clerk, laying the newly packed box on the counter. Dracula counted out the bills, paid him, and left, with D close behind. "Permit me, please, to offer a better gift box than this?"

"Of course."

"Good. Come to my room once you're settled. I have a feeling Kale will occupy your full attention once we return home."

About an hour later, the horses stabled, D entered the living room, where he wasn't expecting the sight that greeted him. Kale was lying out over the couch, sleeping. Her pillow...his brother. Adrian sat at the end of the sofa, his body tucked into the corner, better positioned for Kale to lay against him. In his right hand he held an empty glass. That earlier may have contained blood for the Dhampire to drink. In his other hand would have been a book that now lay on the floor, haven slipped from his fingers with he too fell asleep.

For a moment, D was angry. He thought of his brother trying to take her away, but shook his head. Adrian would never do that to him, and the thought of it would never enter Kale's mind. "D?" whispered his brother. D looked up. "Come here will you?" As D stepped closer, he pulled the afghan off the back of the sofa, spreading it over Kale's shoulders. "As much as I like her," Adrian continued. "Get her off me will you. She's got an extremely boney shoulder!" Carefully D gathered his woman's sleeping form into his arms, and gently returned to their room.

She woke the next morning in her bed, D at her side as he always was. Carefully she slid out from under his protective arms to find he'd removed her clothes, but not put on her nightdress. She smiled at the mischievousness of his act, and leaned over and gently kissed his lips. Then she headed for the lav for a shower. As she tested the water, she turned to the sink to make sure her towels were set out. Then she noticed D standing in the doorway. "You're not getting in that shower," he said sternly, as he leaned his naked form against the frame. The only bit of clothing he had on was his left glove. Not that she really cared though, she was looking at something other than his hands. "Not without me," he continued softly.

"I thought you were sleeping," she smiled as she thread her arms around him. Just as he liked the feel of her skin against him as they slept, she liked the feel of him against her. The pressing of their bodies, the curves of his buttocks and chest muscles.

D pulled his arms around her tilting her head up to kiss her. "Very little can keep me asleep without you," he whispered. "Come on, before the water goes cold." He kissed her once more as he lifted her over the rim of the tub. He pushed the sliding door closed and immersed them both in the stream. Carefully he lathered the soap over her skin, never once breaking their kiss, not even when he bent to wash her legs. But he had to leave her lovely lips when he turned to gather the shampoo behind him. As he washed her long hair, she in turn lathered the soap over his chest, stomach, back and hips, lingering teasingly when she got to his groin.

"You know where this is going don't you?" she asked with an inviting tone. D just nodded, rinsing the lather from her hair. "You know your brother's room is just on the other side of that wall." Again, D nodded. "And you could care less about that, right?" Again he nodded, pulling her lips to his.

Carefully he lifted her and set her on the wall's shower bar, it wasn't a great perch, but it was sturdy, and would suffice for what he had in mind. He turned the showerhead toward the wall, where the sound would muffle her cries, hopefully, and that he wouldn't drown. He slowly licked his way down her body, cleaning the water from her skin, till he reached her hips. Kneeling in the tub, he lifted her legs over his shoulders, to help support her on the bar. Teasingly he slid a finger inside her, she hummed against his intrusion, as he licked her outer area, sliding his tongue between her folds, to the sweet treasure that lay hidden beneath.

As he touched gently that sensitive spot, she moaned and almost fell off the bar. He hadn't done that in a while, and it was only now that she realized, just how eager she was for him. She tried to focus her sight on him, but found that with his continued teasing, she could only close her eyes to the sheer joy of having him play with her. "This...this...isn't fa...fair!" she gasped finally. But D said nothing, only continued with his taunting. "AAHH!" She held the bar as best she could, but in all honesty, D was the only thing holding her up on the wall. He teased her vigorously in her climax, coaxing her juices from her and drinking them in deeply. "I...I ca...can't hold...hold on!"

Quickly he released her, easing her to the tub with him, holding her close as her breath came to her in laboured gasps, as she calmed down from her ecstasy. He knew she'd be a while before she could stand on her own firmly. Kissing her gently he rose and continued his own shower. He rinsed the remainder of soap from his skin, and then washed his hair. As he rinsed, he felt slender hands lather his legs and buttocks once more. Following her guidance he turned so that the shower cascaded over his back. Delightedly he felt her hands gently clean his testicles and penis then as fresh water rinsed the soap away, he watched as she carefully massaged his length.

He loved to watch her play with him, her slender pinkish fingers a sharp contrast to his paler skin. How she could ride a horse, draw a bow, and fight with those lovely hands, and yet still manipulate his body with such a soft touch. He didn't want to know what his life would be like now, if he hadn't found her.

To his joy she drew his length into her mouth, her tongue sliding gently along his shaft. She sucked slightly, and he moaned against the gentle pressure. He felt his tip against the back of her throat, and how she tried to draw him completely into her. He stopped her, knowing that she would only hurt herself. Eagerly she pumped his hardened flesh past her lips, eliciting moans of pleasure form him, then a shocked gasp as she caressed his balls in her hand. "Now who's...who's not being...fair...OH!" She released his phallus and licked gingerly around his testicles. He couldn't tell if she'd heard him, but right then, he didn't care.

Suddenly, the most delightful feeling spread through him, as she pulled both testicles into her mouth. He could feel her teeth along the sensitive skin, and the power of those ivory protrusions didn't escape him, but at the same time he felt her tongue swirl around the spears, her saliva coating them entirely. He braced himself against the wall, as best he could, his fingers seeking out the shower bar when the wall proved too slick. How could she know how to please him so? Where all men this way? Nearly driven insane by their women, as the teased their balls? "Enough!" he gasped, "Please, love, enough!" Slowly she released his balls, letting the water rinse her hold away.

As he collected himself she turned off the water, and left the shower. As she toweled off, D gathered his breath and got out also, but he was far from through with his little temptress. Quickly he thread his arms around her from behind, sliding his tongue over her ear lobe, then gently blew into her ear, threading the tip of his tongue into her ear. He could feel her body quiver beneath his touch, and followed her to the floor, as her legs would no longer support her.

He carefully ran his hand between her legs, parting her folds to find her still eager for his touch. With her on her knees, he pushed her body forward, his hand guiding his still hard shaft to her sweet pocket. A gentle push, and a delighted gasp, he was in her, their bodies rocking together in their dance, as he tried to keep his assault on her ear constant. Finally, both wanting more, he released her ear, and let her find her own position before him, as he grasped her hips and drove into her, long and gentle. She bunched the towel in her hands as his size filled her. Long, hot, and throbbing. She wanted more, so much more that as he pushed back into her, she leaned her body back, making his return to her faster and harder.

Realizing her desire, he increased the pace, driving into her hard and fast. Her cries of sheer joy mingled with his in the tiny room. Neither caring any longer who heard them. All they knew, their universe alone consisted of only them. His body, sliding into hers, the feel of her warm tight skin around him, her hips in his hands as he pulled her harder back on him. She was his, and he hers. What more could there be said about that?

Faster and faster he plunged into her, her body grasping him with all its strength, her cries of delighted ecstasy echoing in his ears, and then his own song. His body singing its joy to hers, filling her with its love essence. Two songs, one heart, one voice, and to the walls they sang, long and loud.