Christmas With Dracula, Chapter 9
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NOTE: The poem at the end of this chapter, is my own work. I hope you like it.

Author: Charlotte MacFarlane
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Chapter 9 Merry Christmas To All

It seemed she'd been sleeping for days, and yet she was still tired. She turned over lazily, cuddling close to the one who lay next to her. Slowly she opened her eyes to see soft pale skin, and the browning around one of the nipples on his chest. Slowly and arm came around her, followed by a contented sigh. Gentle fingers stroked her shoulder, and she knew he was awake. "Do we have to get up?" she asked, snaking her arm around his broad chest. Another hand stroked her hair, and gentle lips pressed against her head.

"We don't have to," he said quietly, "but..."

As though right on que, someone knocked loudly on their door. "Come on you two!" called Adrian eagerly. "It's Christmas! You gona sleep till new year?"

D sighed as Kale softly giggled into his chest. "We're coming, little brother." They could hear him stomp downt he stairs, and D turned over onto his back, with Kale blanketing him. "He's been like that sense he was a child."

"I was like that too. I remember, when I was little, my family & my uncle's family all went to gram's for Christmas. My four cousins were all girls, and we all slept in one room, my brother slept in my dad's room, my Aunt & uncle, not sure where. But it seemed everywhere you looked, there were sleeping bags.

"Christmas Eve, none of us kids could sleep. So one by one, we each went out and got our stockings. They were the only things we were allowed to open before anyone else got up. 3 AM, seven kids in one bed, we had wrapping paper, toys, packaging and fruit leftovers all through the covers. It was great!"

"I never had that kind of Christmas. I always felt so alone."

"Never again my D. Never again." She kissed him as she pulled the covers over her chilling shoulders. "D? I was thinking. We really should have some time just for us, you know? No worries about hunting or anything like that?"

"What are you getting at?"

"Well, a vacation. Of sorts. Look its winter on the ground, it's freezing. I really don't want to go out there. I don't think you do either."


"Do you think, your father would mind, if we stayed till spring?"

"I already spoke to him yesterday. He'd actually enjoy the company. Linda is leaving his employ today, to get married and have a family, he was hoping we could remain, and share those duties till spring. He plans to move then anyway."

"Move? Why? This place is fantastic!"

"I know. But eventually people will figure out what he is. He doesn't like to spend more than 20 years in one place. Not long after that, people become immune to his powers, and he must move on. He'll come back one day, but not for generations."


"Oh. We better go," she huffed as D rose.

"Yes, before he comes to join us in here."

"Heaven forbid!"

D closed the lav door and looked in the mirror. "Can she hear?" asked the sym.

"No," he said quietly, annoyed that the thing would choose this day, of all days, to raise its voice first thing in the morning. "You've been so quiet lately, why couldn't you remain so."

"D, I have a present for you."

"Excuse me?"

"I couldn't very well go out an buy it for you, so I have a different kind of present for you." The symbiote took control of his left hand and held the stem of a plant that decorated the lavatory. D could feel something strange happening, his hand hurt, but he couldn't pull away. There was a sound, like hissing, and the plant writhed in D's effort to let it go. Finally, his hand his to control once more, he tore away from the vegetation, staring at his palm. He was astonished. His hand was normal. "Ah, this will have to do," said the sym. D looked to the plant and could see the face of the symbiote hidden in the leaves. "Now listen to me please. I can't survive long like this, and neither can you. I remembered your father's obsession over the Christmas holiday, it was one reason you hardly ever went to see him. But now that you are, here is my gift to you. A day without me."

D just looked at his hand, then dumfoundedly back to the plant. "You can't survive very long without me either, so before sun up tomorrow, I have to be back in your hand, or we'll both just suddenly die." D nodded, and took the rinse cup from the counter, half filled it with water, and poured it into the pot. "oh thank you. I've never lived as a plant before, that feels good." D put the symbiote - plant on the wide windowsill, where it would get direct sun most of the day. "Thank you, and D?"

"Yes?" he asked quietly, finally finding his voice.

"Happy Christmas."

D nodded and left, after completing his business. He threw on his housecoat and joined Kale near the bed. "D, I think it would be a good idea to put your pajama pants on." "Yes, you're right." Quickly he dawned them, and joined her at the door, for the first time, he rested his left hand totally on her shoulder, not cupping it like he usually did to hide the symbiote. Kale looked at his hand, then turned to him.

He seemed different, but she wasn't sure how. "Are you ok D?" she asked.

"I'm fine," he answered. "Just fine. Lets go."

"Well it's about time!" shouted Adrian, sitting on the floor next to the tree. Kale sat on the sofa, where on the opposite end sat Dracula, a cup of tea in hand. D sat on the floor next to her. "I thought you'd never get here."

"Adrian, the gifts aren't going anywhere," his father stated flatly. "I thought a nice breakfast cart would be nice. There's tea and hot water for hot cereal. Oh, Linda made that silver pot just for you, Kale." D went over and poured out a small amount in a cup, then filled it, pleased to see that it was hot chocolate. Kale's favorite.

"Did Linda leave already?" Kale asked.

"Yes, her fiancÚ came and got her an hour ago. The last shuttle was leaving that would get them close to his parent's home village, without too long a travel."

"I hope she'll be happy."

"I told her, you likely say as much."

D handed her the cup, and a plate with some toast. D himself took a cup of tea, blood items were left for consumption in private on this day. "Alright, commonly, the family went from the youngest to the oldest," said Dracula, "But I think we will dispense with tradition this year, and have D start."

"Come on D," Kale urged. D returned to the floor, and was handed a tall wide box.

"D, before you begin, I have a little bad news. Linda, by honest mistake," he winked at Kale, "Bleached your outfit white."


"No matter, this I had purchased anyway. Take a look."

D opened the box to find a hat. Much like his own, only black, instead of dark blue. "She bleached my hat too?"

"No, but your old one wouldn't match the rest. Keep going." Adrian handed his brother three more boxes. One nearly 3 feet wide. He opened the smallest first, to find a long black cloak, much like his original, only with gold trim, and a mustard yellow inner lining. The larger box held a set of shoulder guards, with horns one each shoulder, reaching up, and curling slightly inward, towards the neck. Not totally getting the whole idea, D opened the third box. There he found a two-piece suite, like his old one, and the waist of it hid where the pants were joined to the top. The hip belts were thick, and the buckle resembled that of a half scull. As he handled the material, he could feel the difference. "It is a new kind," explained his father. "It will keep you warm, and cool when need be. The material is more resistant to cuts, and stabbings, though I don't expect you to test by how much. There are boots and arm guards in the box with the shoulder guards. They should give you more than adequate protection and durability over the coming years."

"I don't know what to say," he said, laying the pieces together. "But, thank you father. Thank you."

"You'll need to try it on later," said Kale, admiring one of the combat belts. "I'd love to see the new fit."

"The material, will form itself to your every move and curve, my son. I know that doesn't sound too appealing, but believe me, Kale will like the new look."

D watched the two laugh at the mischievousness of his remark, and D reached under the tree and took out a small box. "I'm next!" called Adrian. Kale nodded. The younger Dhampire ripped open a flat box with his name on it, and carefully unwrapped a set of derks. Each one had a specially crafted handle of a jade and onyx, with a ruby embedded on the tip of the handle. Though the thought of the colors to the steel was gaudy, the derks looked remarkably beautiful. "Father, thank you."

"Every time I see you lately, you are always buying new blades," he said. "Maybe now you will have reason to recover them after you've killed something with them."

"These? Draw blood? Father, surely you jest! These will be worn, but only worn. I will keep them always. Thank you father."

"Well, I just hope you two liked your Christmas present last night," Kale chimed in, "I haven't sung for a long time, and I remember something about a conversation between you, Adrian, and D back in Edo, about wanting to hear me sing."

"You were barely awake for that!" said the blond man, examining each of the derks more closely.

"Well I do. And I hope you enjoyed it. D, there's a box under there for you."

"In a minute. Here. I found this for you." Carefully she pulled the lace ribbon off the tiny box. Inside, was a crucifix. Gold and silver mixed, and at the center, was a tiny glass ball. "Inside the ball is a single drop of holly water. So please, don't break it. Look on the back."

She turned the piece over to find inscriptions on all four points. "For My Love, My Life, My One, My Wife." For a moment she just stared at the jewelry, then looked into his eyes. "D, it's...perfect."

"I can't marry you, properly. There are no records of us, and now a days the ministers splash holly water on the faces of the bride and groom. I'd be paralyzed if that happened, and everyone would know. I hope you will accept this, as a wedding tie." She threw her arms around his neck, practically decapitating him in her embrace. "I'll take that as a yes!" he gasped, and she let him go, kissing him, and wiping away a few joyous tears.

"Well if you want it spelled out. YES!"

"Good. Now, what in heaven's name did you do to my sword?" D pulled the long package out from under the tree, pulling the ribbon off the end to reveal the new hilt. "Kale!" Quickly he pulled the entire blade free, the steel glinting in the lights of the tree. The grip was a little longer, about another 2 1/2 inches, enough for both his hands to hold the grip firmly without the end peaking out from under the palm of his hand. The cross bars were thicker, and extended out straight, but curved down slightly at the ends, they were longer than the old ones too. The leather coating the new hilt made it look like it was made of bones, which added to the eeriness of the new look. The center of the hilt also bore a skull on both sides. Matching that of his new combat belt. "Kale. This is great!" Briskly he strode to the base of the stairs, and sliced the air with the blade, safely away from anyone who may get hurt. "Excellent fit, marvelous balance. Kale, how did you...?" then he remembered her CD player. "Never mind, I don't want to know." Gently he sheathed the sword and joined Kale on the sofa, glancing slightly out the window. "Adrian, I have a gift for you as well. Though you won't find it under the tree."


"5...4...3...2...1..." Just then there was a knock on the door. "You better get it Adrian. It's for you."

Quickly Adrian ran and opened the door. A woman was standing there, short brown hair, slender figure, wearing a simple red dress. Adrian was in love. Then he remembered what D had said. A gift, for him. He knew his brother, and he never took women lightly, and never took the company of common women, even before Kale. "I don't get it," he said, turning to his brother.

"Invite her in. It's cold outside," said D, never smiling, but thoroughly enjoying the look of bewilderment on his brother's face. The woman stepped inside, and pulled her scarf off her face, that led to her cloak to be removed also. "Why don't you tell my brother who you are," he said.

The woman smiled. She turned to the younger brother, knowing full well who he was, and that the last time he saw her, she was not as she appeared now. Adrian studied her face, trying to remember. She had dark painted red lips that matched her dress, she had gold brown eyes, an oval face, slender nose, and cute little ears. But nothing about her seemed to be familiar. Then a horrible thought came to him, but before he could voice it, she spoke. Her voice was young and sweet, and almost sounded like she were recovering form a cold. "Do you remember, Adrian, some years ago in Edo? You were trying to hail a cab, and you came across one where the driver was getting mugged. You helped out that driver, but you learned that he, or rather she, was a mutant. Whose body, was woman, but her arms and facial features betrayed her to be a man. You befriended this mutant, keeping her secret, and in turn she helped you, by providing you with blood that her body also produced an over abundance of."

"Yes, I remember her. Her name was Castle." The woman smiled at him, her hands clasped in front of her. "Castle?" The woman nodded. "Can't be!"

"It is."

"Wow! I mean, don't get me wrong, but...WOW! How did you...weren't you...I thought you were going to stay in Edo!?" Adrian led her to a nearby chair, and sat her down. Kale was also taken aback. She knew Castle was a woman, but never anticipated this kind of a change in her.

"After you left, someone at the clinic squealed to the authorities, that I was a woman. I couldn't drive a cab any more. I then ran out of money and had to sell the pool house. I used that money to go to another city, where I got a job working in a clinic, providing blood, and other services. I saved up enough to undergo an experimental surgery that changed me to the woman you see now. I still have the blood production problem, but I can work around that."

"You look fantastic! Not that you didn't before, in your own way, but..."

"I know. I was a little worried about that myself. Now it doesn't matter."

"Are you happy?"

"YES! Ecstatic. I was actually here looking for another job when I bumped into D in town the other day. He recognized me at once. Said something about never forgetting a woman's scent."

"You can say that again," Kale mumbled quietly, pulling D's hands closer to her chest, resting him against her back.

"He said you were here, and that I should come by today. I had no idea there was some kind of party going on, I'll go."

"Oh No you won't! You're staying right here! Have you got any idea what it's been like living in this house with those two rabbit wanna bes?" Kale nearly burst out laughing, but slapped her hands over her mouth to keep from doing so. "You're staying here, father, please say she can stay."

"Of course she can. The more the merrier. This is a large house you know. Just make sure she follows the rules of the house."

"I will father. Castle, it's wonderful that you're here, but could you excuse me for just a moment?"


"Thanks. Kale, I have your gift ready now too. Come on." He pulled her to her feet, D catching her nearly empty cup as she dropped it. "Close your eyes," he said, turning her to the door. Obediently she closed her eyes. "D, get the door." A moment later she heard the door open, and Adrian pushed her ahead, to the threshold. "Smell the air." Carefully she in hailed the cold air outside. It was cold, and crisp. And there was something familiar about it too. "Now, open your eyes."

When she opened her eyes, she couldn't believe what she saw. Large white fluffy snowflakes fluttered to the ground. She went outside, and stood in the walkway, the snow falling on her, her hands outstretched catching the fluffs of white. "Adrian, I thought the city officials decided NOT to open the dome after all."

"They did, till I pestered them last night. They opened the dome a small percentage. The snow will fall for today, and today alone. Then the dome will be closed and the snow will melt away. But it will be here long enough for you."

"Adrian. Thank you. If anyone can pester anyone, it's you!"


"I'd through a snowball at you, but I know what that would do."

"Kale, come inside. Get changed. Then go out in the snow," called D, blowing into his already chilled hands.

"D?" Adrian asked, seeing for the first time really that he didn't have his glove on his left hand. "D, where's know what?" he whispered.

"Later," he whispered back. "Come on love, before you freeze."

Kale happily joined them at the door. "You know something guys, Christmas really is here. In all of us."

"Happy Christmas Kale."

"Merry Christmas. Everybody." Kale hushed, and led the men inside. Slowly, D closed the door.


Author's Christmas wish.

On this day, happiness lives,
In the hearts of Mice and Men.
The troubles and toils of a year gone past,
Weight heavy on the land.

To this day, all hopes abound,
Of peace good will to men

So let us see what this day shall bring,
And remember those long passed.

For to each of us I raise a glass,
To honor those again.

So onto you, this wish I make,
The only prayer I can.
May peace and joy be yours today,
And the new year hold the joys of life,
For all us Mice and Men.