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General English-Language Vampire Hunter D Sites

The Vampire Hunter D Vault of Knowledge
Sailor Raven's site has a little of everything, including an FAQ, images, fan fiction, and several Winamp skins (just download them into your Winamp's "skins" directory).

ghostfire has created a beautiful site, city of distant stars, devoted to Meier and Charlotte. See the lovely fan art. Read the eloquent descriptions. ("Charlotte and Meier, your love is safe here, and will be until the last of the distant stars vanishes into the night.") More of her excellent art is at ghostfire's site.

Anime Master includes a VHD picture gallery. The media files are gone due to cutbacks.

The Riverzildjian site offers a variety of artwork. You can click your way through a menu of various artists, including Yoshitaka Amano, or go straight to the Vampire Hunter D gallery.

The City of the Barbarois includes fan art (with credits to source sites), images, .avi and .wav files from VHD1985, information about the Playstation game (including a walkthrough with Gameshark codes and some useful hints!). Looks like a lot of expansion is planned.

Sites about the Movies

The VHDungeon includes descriptions and reviews of both movies, image galleries, and MP3 sound clips from 1985. The screen captures are excellent images.

Screenshot Sites

The VHD: Bloodlust Screenshot archive is hosted by Aimee Major and features lots and lots of screenshots by Covielle. The page features text descriptions of the images, not thumbnails, so it loads fast. These are excellent screenshots.

Misty's VHD pics includes screen captures from VHD:B. (Image-heavy page.)

Fanfic and Fan Art Sites

The Forsaken Library of Nephlyte's Cathedral includes three fanfic sequels to VHD: Bloodlust, "Winds of Change" "Final Hours," and "Blood Ties" by Troy A. Stanton.

Vampire Hunter D's Den includes some coverage of the second movie from Animerica. The site has not been updated for release of the second movie. Includes fanfic and fanart.

Sites by L. S. Teneshi:
      Fanfic: Vampire Hunter D Stories
      Fan art: Vampire Hunter D Artwork.

A VHD-Vampire Princess Miyu crossover by Diana, Lonely Souls. Warning: Explicit male/male content.

Roleplay Sites

Vampire Hunter D: Twilight. In the world of 12,200 AD, the most famous of vampire hunters has vanished, and the Nobles are attempting to recover their losses. You can join the search for the Vampire Hunter D—to help him, or to destroy him.

Lonesome Travels: The Hunters of Darkness PBeM RPG, gamemastered by Samael.

Vampire Hunter D: Decent into Darkness, created April 2008.

Cosplay and the Like

For those of you who thought VHD:B took itself too seriously, an alternative view in words and pictures: "Bloodlust Gone Wrong" presented by Dark Muffins at AMAcon. (Image-heavy page.)

"File 14", owned by Stephanie G. Folse, includes a page on her Charlotte Elbourne costume worn at A-Kon 2001.

Do-It-Yourself D Doll

Make your own fabric D doll! There are separate pages for the body and the clothes.

Japanese Sites

Bark at the Moon by Kanrinin includes a doujinshi and other fan art, information about the D novels, and more! (All in Japanese, of course!)

D Kaitai-Shinsho is maintained by Hoshi-Tohru. Fan art for all, and for those who can read Japanese, there are quizzes, a chronology of the VHD universe, and more.

Italian-Language Vampire Hunter D Site

Schloss von Karnstein is devoted to several dark fantasy universes, including Vampire Hunter D. Click on the VHD icon on this page, or skip the Flash intro and go straight to the VHD section. There are images, downloads (trailers and wallpaper), and much more.

Russian-Language Vampire Hunter D Site

Gaallo's site around-of-Vampire Hunter D is one of the most comprehensive VHD sites available. There are plans to translate more of its content into English. The site includes fan art, images of VHD goods, and much more. For fans interested in D's background, there is a WONDERFUL FAQ in the form of an interview with Kevin Leahy, VHD expert extraordinaire. (Note that this FAQ includes one important bit of misinformation: It says that the name "Dracula" never appears in the novels. The name does in fact appear near the end of the first novel. Click on the thumbnail for a scan of it in context.)

Spanish-Language Vampire Hunter D site

You can read about Vampire Hunter D in Spanish at or

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