The Baby
                           By-Nanaka Mayoza

D remembered the day he got Clarise. He made a promise to Clarise mother he would kill Clarises Dad and take care of Clarise. Katyla dead after having D had her from that day!!

       ~~Flash Back~~

Katyla-"Please......D....t...take Clarise and kill Kenno,her father.....please D tell me u will?''

D-''Dont worry my dear Katyla....Clarise Marie Lynn will never met her father!! I promise u that Katyla!!''

Katyla smiles and says''Thank u D.........'' and after that dies......

D picks up Clarise from Katylas arms and starts walking out.....

                         ~~end of flash back~~

Clarise was 16 now and like all kittpersons....vampires fell in love with them. D tried not to but he still did sometimes when she 'put the moves' on him. She had very bad luck vampires tried to marry her lots of time so she would get mad and kill them.

          They got a new job in dark city,D didnt want Clarise going so he told her that.
D-'' sorry but u cant come"

Clarise-''What???'' Clarise looks at D.

D-''U heard me ur not coming!!''

Clarise-''But......but....'' Starts to cry.

D-''Dont start that!! Clarise!!''

Clarise start to cry hard and stop walking.

D-''ummmm.....ok...u can come.....ok??''

Clarise-''yea!!'' She smiles and starts to walk with him again.

When they got to dark city Clarise fell asleep on D. He was having a hard time not touch her or bite her. The next morning she woke but freaked because it was still dark!!

Clarise-''Why is it still dark?''

D-''Maybe because its Dark City...''

Clarise stands up and up and looks around.As soon she looked up a vampire appaered.

V-''hello......what r u doing her??''

Clarise backed up to D and said''where here to get Maria.....''

V-''oh here take her'' He throws Mairas dead body to D. Clarise backs up and backs into the Vampire.

Clarise-''Let Go!!''

The Vampire takes Clarise and disappaers

Clarise-''D Help me please!!''

D trys to get her but they had disappaered.

****10 days later****

D never found her till one night when he was sleeping something came up to him. It was Clarise. She had cuts and broses everywhere.


Clarise falls over on him.D hold her and trys to look over her body. Clarise puts her arms around his neck and kisses him. D pulls back from her.

D-''Clarise what r u doing?''

Clairse-''What i wanna do''

Clarise kisses him and hugs him.The last thing they knew D had bit and Clarise would be pregent.

                   ****1 year later****

Clarse-''D.......could u please get Katrian??''

D picks up his 2 month baby girl.Clarise walked into the room with D and Katrian.

Clarise-''Thank u.......for my family and making me a vampire'' she said in a low voice and D nodded and looked down at Katrian

             ~~The End~~


I hope u like my story!! By-Nanaka Mayoza