Fanfic by Nathan

Foolin' around

User:*looks on at the screen, deciding to pick on D for a while. He then takes a pic from a site and places him on the page*

Vampire hunter D: *He drops to the ground, laying on his back as he looks at the cieling* ......
Hand: I wish you would listen to me for once.
D:*he gets to his feet and dusts himself off, on the ground, his hat is caught by the pointer*
User: Woops, hold that thought.*hethen moves the pointer oput the way and places the hat back on D's head, placing it backwards* Uhhhhhh, yeah.....
D: ........
User: Great, all the anime cahracters in the world and I get the mute one....*he then starts to do the cut and paste from another sight*
Hand:*Anime sweat drop* We're gonna die arent we?
User: Youd like that wouldn't you? *the three Ed's from Ed, Edd and Eddy drop to the ground next to D*
Eddy: YOW
Edd: Owww...
Ed: Gravy!
D:*he is eyes motion over to the three Ed's, he then looks back to the User* Im not pleased.....
User: *has hand to his lips* Would you rather prefer the Kanker sisters?
Hand: Who?
*the Ed's run in place, looking for a place to hide. Ed, runs for the recycle bin, Eddy follows, and double D is draged along*
User:*Lol at the three Ed's and loos back to D* Well, how about afew games.....*rubs his hands together smilling evilly*
Hand:*looks at him oddly* We're gonna die arent we?
User: No, but your gonna wish you did after this...*he then opens Pipe dream and places the pointer shaped like a wrench in D's hand* Best work fast friend......
D: *he looks at the wrench, then to the user as he tosses the wrench* I will not.....
User: Your bath boy....*he then presses the fast button and the slime pours on D and the symbiot* LOL
D:*he looks on at the user, all coverd in green slime blowing. He then wi[pes it away and throws it the ground* User: D! You made highscore!
Hand: You have no life do you?
User: *he looks at the hand abit ticked, then smiles it off as he closes the program* Ok, how about this?*he clicks the mouse once and a Super Mario game starts up* MOVE YOUR BUTT D, HERE COMES THE TURTLES!
D:*he then looks to the left, seeing afew koopa trutle like creature thingies* I am not ammused.
User: Your no fun....*he then opens anoher game, this time, Blanka and Ryu from Street Fighter stares him down before beating, burning, shocking and hell even biting the hell outta him*
*the user then closes the rom and looks on as he sits there in his swimming trunks*
User: Well guys, it was fun... but I gotta get out of here or Im gonna look like a computer geek.*he then moves the mouse on the shut down button, clicking after hearing afew second of D, the hand, and the tree Ed's scream. He then gets to his feet, looking on before laughing silently* And they havent been through Barby yet..... *he then turns and walks away, laughing maniacally before the light in the house turns off.

                                         The End?
                               For now.... LOL Peace