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Following needed site-wide cleanup by Takhesis, links page was replaced.

Updted page about forthcoming American comic, Vampire Hunter D: Message
from Mars.

Added page about forthcoming American comic, Vampire Hunter D: Message
from Mars.

We're back! After a hiatus of nearly 3 years, the maintainer is able to upload
files again! Index page updated to delete information about New York Anime
Festival 2008. Also deleted LookSmart and Links2Go links.

The PianoDemoniaca Gallery, containing work by the artist formerly known as 

Fan Art, Kanrinin Gallery: Added New year's greetings image for 2009.

Fan Art, Berit Jurda Gallery: Added D created with Paint program and Dracula.

Home page: Links to Medium at Large and YouTube for images from New York
Anime Fest 2008, with Hideyuki Kikuchi, Yoshitaka Amano, and Kevin Leahy.
Links 2, Roleplay: Added Vampire Hunter D: Twilight. 

Fan art: In the Berit Jurda Gallery, Rei's Expression and Tired Chibi Rei.

Yoshitaka Amano also will be a guest at New York Anime Festival; fans can celebrate
Hideyuki Kikuchi's birthday with him.

Home page: Hideyuki Kikuchi and Kevin Leahy will be guests at the New York 
Anime Festival, September 26-28.

Home page: Hideyuki Kikuchi and Saiko Takaki will be guests at Anime Expo, 
July 3-6, 2008.
Erotic fics: Added "Milurna" by Marlene Whitecourt.
Review of D -- Aojiroki Datenshi: updated proper names to corresond to translation.
2nd movie FAQ: Added info on manga, other minor tweaks.

More links page: Deleted links to dead sites: Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlines; Vampires of
Anime VHD and VHD:B pages; DJ Fox's Floating Island; Snake Eye's Realm of Darkness;
the YahooGroup Vampire_Hunter_D (apparently abandoned to spam); an ezboards VHD
RPG; Aimee Major's costume site; the Japanese sites Hidden Chamber and the doujinshi
by Earth's Laboratory (D--Succession) and Dead Can Dance (D+C+D, Deep Water).
The VHD doll-making site URLs have been updated and an RPG (Vampire Hunter D:
Decent into Darkness) has been added.

Added preliminary report on December 2007 Talk Live.
Minor updates to English-language manga page, reviews of Yoshitaka Amano Art Book
Vampire Hunter "D" and Kan-oke.

Fanfic, serious fics: Added "Meier's Marble" by Cathy Krusberg.

Uploaded updated version of "The Woman in White, the Hunter in Black"
by TS/Fistula, at the author's request.

FAQ page: Updated to reflect publication of VHD manga; other miscellaneous updating. 

Updated English-language novels page to reflect recently published and forthcoming
Added notes to reviews of Kanoke and Vampire Hunter D: Art Book.

Reviews ofJapanese novels: updated names for Dark Nocturne and Byron Balazs for
Pale Fallen Angel.

Added a page for the VHD manga.
Index page: Added link for manga page.
Amano Merchandise: Added Yoshitaka Amano: The Collected Art of Vampire Hunter D
(English-language release). Deleted various out-of-date information.
Miscellaneous Merchandise: Moved VHD manga to its own page. 
VHD video game: Deleted page maintained by D. of Crimson Tears (page is gone); deleted
Videogames.com/Gamespot link (gone); deleted Victor Interactive Software link (gone).
Deleted all links to UFO catcher dolls (VHD doll links gone).
Long fics page: Updated e-mail address for TS/Fistula.
Reviews of Japanese novels, 2d page: Corrected village name for Rose Princess.
Various fics: Updated contact info for TS/Fistula.

Serious Fanfic: Added "The Woman in White, the Hunter in Black" by TS/Fistula.

Fan Art A-N: Added Mistress Kurumi Gallery with seven works.

Fan Art A-N: Added the Karen Koehler Gallery with "Give Me Light." Tweaked the
second Japanese novels page.

Serious Fanfic: Added "Ties That Bind" by Talia of Eragon.

Fan Art: Added Berit Jurda Gallery.

Miscellaneous merchandise: Added information about forthcoming VHD manga;
moved information about The Art of VHD:  Bloodlust to 2nd movie merchandise
page; moved information about Coffin to Amano merchandise page.
English-language Novels: Updated novel #6 release date, corrected URLs
for several novels.

Fan Art A-N: Added Merxe Gallery with two images; added three images to
Kanrinin Gallery; deleted some images from Erin C. Gallery at the artist's

English-language novels: Added information on novels 4 and 7. Corrections to 
characters' names in reviews of Japanese novels 6 and 7.  Miscellaneous
merchandise: Added information on The Art of Vampire Hunter D (book of
art from the second movie) and Coffin (English-language version of Kanoke).

Merchandise: Added deputy service Goody-Japan. Fan art: Removed work by 
Yugo Sakamoto at the artist's request.

This site is maintained by Cathy Krusberg,