WARNING: This story/project contains a little bit of rape and sexuality, no intence female/female sex or anything like that though. There is also some gory violence and some mild launguege. But still, if you are below 18 you probly should not read this.

Author's note: The following story is fiction based upon "Vampire Hunter D" an old anime created in 1985.All character(exept for D of course) are mine.That means YOU CANT USE THEM.If you realy would like to use one(or all of them) then please please pleeeeaaasssse email me at, thee_pimp_69@hotmail.comand ASK first.D is copyrighted by Hideyuki Kikuchi.The following story is copyrighted 2001-2002. By Derek L. Baker. Please read all the information below before reading my VHD project!! I dont mean to be bossy, but all this is just so I dont get in trouble.

Disclaimer: I do not own D, Doris, or Dan at all. I do not intend to infringe on the rights of Hideyuki Kikuchi in any way.

I started this project about 4 months ago and I hate to admit it but I got REALY lazy on it. I do believe that this could have been much better and longer but Iv been having alot of work to do lately. I think possibly in 4 months Ill start THE HUNT FOR SIGNISS HELL DRAKE~Re edited. It will be much much longer(and probly have alot less errors,lol). Hopfully it will be alot more interesting to readers to. Thats all I have to say about it right now. So hopfully you'll like it, and I shall say that I had some fun writing this. Bye bye now.

The Hunt for Signiss Hell Drake ~VHD
-by Derek L. Baker

"Who's there," D yells. A dark figure runs by him at blank speed. Something behind him moves. D turns. Nothings there. He then starts hearing sounds all around him. Sounds of slaughter, death, agony, and screams of torture all around him. What is this hell that is consuming me, D thinks. Then, out of nowhere Doris falls out in front of him, with her throat cut. D picks her up. He kisses her on her cold dead lips and then begins to scream. D draws his sword and with a burst of rage he leaves his mysterious spot light and enters the darkness. He then starts slashing insanely at every sound and movement. Then something drops from the sky. All of a sudden every things bright. There stands an ugly freak of nature. It didn't look like any vampire D had encountered. In it's arms was Dan, unconscious. "Put him down you ugly bastard before I drive my sword through your face!!!" It didn't answer. Instead it returned a hideous laugh. D, angered by this, charges at the freak of nature. It jumps high in the air dodging D's attack then performs a double flip into a sideway 360 spin and lands. D charges again but this time he jumps with the beast and slashes it's arm off causing him to drop Dan. "You should have never killed Doris you freak, so now I'll send you back to the deepest pits of burning hell in which you was spawned from," D yells as he charges at the creature with pure anger and hatred. When D comes in contact with the beast it suddenly disappears. D then finds himself in bed. It was another nightmare. Why do I consistently get these dreams about Doris and Dan, D thinks. The incident with the Count happened over 5 years ago, but I can't get rid of them. I have to move on, I'm not one of them. I am a Damper. I would only be hurting them if I went back, D thinks. D gets out of bed and walks outside to get some fresh air. This nightmare though, this one, was somehow different from the others, it seemed so real, D thought. Maybe this one is trying to tell me something.

Could it be telling me that Doris and Dan are in trouble, or that someone else may be in trouble? No, it's just a nightmare D thinks. Maybe I just need a shower to calm down. Later after D gets done taking a shower he hears a knock at the door. He answers it and there at the door was standing a beautiful young woman, not even 17 yet. "Hello, I am Charlotte." "Are you the famous vampire hunter who destroyed the count and his castle 5 years ago?" Charlotte asked. "Yes, that's me." "Well, I have a...." Before Charlotte could finish D shouted out angrily, "look, Iv been going through some problems lately and I don't really have the time to go out vampire hunting." "But..." D butted in again and said, "Just go away, I can't do this for you ok;" "I'm just not up to it right now." "Maybe in a few more months come back and we can work something out." "But sir, I'm afraid me and my family cant wait that long," the girl said with emotion. "You see, our father has been gone for a week now." "He went hunting in the back woods of paradise. But... he never returned." "Please help us, Charlotte said, beginning to cry." "We will pay you a high sum of money and... Ill even give myself to you," she said as she removed her shirt and bra exposing her large breasts. "Put your shirt back on, look..." D paused for a moment. "Ill do it for you but just don't give me anything." But why the Charlotte asked. "Because I have been having nightmares lately, and I think that all of them was telling me that this would happen." "I feel that I must do this, to settle this madness and get back at that thing that attacks me when I sleep." "I must destroy him to end my pain and the pain of others." "Ill go after this hellish creature and silence him forever, D yells." Charlotte tells D where to meet her. Later he goes to her house. He enters. Inside there the whole family sat at the table in the kitchen. "Hello, umm... My name is D," D answers. "Hello D". The whole family greets him. "So, your daughter tells me that your dad is lost somewhere." "Yes, the old woman answered." "We're very worried; will you please do everything in your power to bring him back?" "Nothing to worry about miss, Ill find him, and if he was kidnapped, Ill slaughter his kidnapper." "Thank you D." "We have some weapons and supplies that you can use on your search."

"No thank you miss, all I need is my sword." They all waved as D left for paradise woods. As he walks away from the old cabin he buttons his cloak, preparing for battle because he knows he will encounter something, and the something is that demon in his dreams. D hops on his horse and jolts off to paradise woods. After an hour he finally makes it to the woods. He hops off of his horse. "Stay here boy, if that thing is as strong and as fast as I think it is your going to be my only way out." D enters the woods slowly. There are sounds of animals everywhere covering any sound of attack that D could counter. It was very thick with trees and it was hard to see around. D cautiously took a step at a time. Suddenly he heard a loud sound from the East. He turned quickly and D knew who he was going to see. There it stood. The beast of D's nightmares. "You, who are you?" D yelled. "I am the nightmare child." "Also known as Signiss Hell Drake." "Why are you doing all this?" D asked. "Aren't you the one who destroyed the count?" "Yes, that is me, what does the count have to do with this?" D shouted in question. "Because, I have heard about how strong the count is, but apparently that old fool lost his battle and his loss was your win, D." "Now you must fight me, not for anything but the fun challenge of battle." "So, D, lets see how strong you are." "Ok, but there's a little problem," D said. "I'm not just here to kill you, Iv also come for the man." "Oh, him." "Well I have him stashed away in a safe place." "This whole forest will become a dangerous place for you Signiss if you don't tell me where he is." "You must fight me first." "No problem," D says as he begins to charge. Signiss also begins to charge. D maneuvers to the left. So does Signiss. D performs a double slash combo but before he executes his technique, Signiss dodges to the right performing a summer salt right under D's sword. D quickly answers him by spinning around and cutting a big gash into Signiss's back. Signiss does not let out a sound of pain. D attacks again making sure that Signiss will not get a chance to retaliate. D swings a lower attack at signiss's legs, but Signiss quickly reacts by jumping over D's sword and does a flip over D's back.

Before D has a chance to turn around Signiss sticks his long sharp claws into the back of D's neck. A stun of shock quickly goes down D's back. D falls to the ground. Hahahaha, Signiss laughs loudly. D lay's there with his neck broken knowing that he has lost. Signiss picks D up by his broken neck. "What," Signiss says with confusion. "How are you still alive, oh well, your not going to live through this," Signiss yells as he throws D with all of his strength. D goes flying over the trees and lands on some rigid sharp rocks. He lays there unconscious. "There, I knew he couldn't win," Signiss says as he walks away proud of his victory.

3 days later

"I'm worried about D, Charlotte said." "Relax ok?" "He will be back." "Besides, who are we supposed to be worrying about, D or father?" the older boy asked. "Look John, I care about D just as much as dad." "After all, he was the only one who would do the job; all the others were not up to it." "He has to be in trouble," Charlotte said. "And what do you suggest we do, go after him?" "Yes, but I plan on trying to get some other hunters to help us find them." "Oh yeah, but I thought you said that the other hunters weren't up to it." "I'm going to go up to Nosgoth, there's always good hunters up there." "Well then, you can go ahead but you can count me out." "Ok then, Ill go along myself, but don't tell momma." "Ok, fine," said John. Charlotte left the cabin and started her way to Nosgoth. When she arrived to her destination she was greeted by a big fat man. "Hey pretty, what's a pretty little girl like you doing in a town like this." "I'm trying to find a gang of bounty hunters, perhaps you know any?" "Well I know some but you would have to give me a little something if I told you". "And what would that be?" Charlotte asked. "You can start it off by coming to my shack and give me a little taste of some naked flesh." "Screw you!" Charlotte said in anger. "That's what I had in mind," the man said as he grabs for Charlottes breasts. She turns to run but the man grabs her by the neck and swings her to the ground. He then rips off her shirt and bra. He begins sucking Charlotte's nipples. He then starts for her pants but a voice from behind says, " Let her go mike, or Ill rip your spine out of your head. Mike turns around to see a tall muscular man. "Uhhh, Rex, I was just..." "Let her go now!" Rex shouts out. Mike quickly got off of Charlotte and walked away. "Are you alright ma'am?" "Yeah, I'm just fine Charlotte exclaims." "Ok, be careful around here." "I'm Rex." "I'm a vampire hunter." "Oh you are!" Charlotte yells with surprise. "Iv come here looking for a vampire hunter." "Oh yeah?" "Well I'm just what the doctor ordered because I'm the best around here, well, my buddies and me." "Can you help me find my father and another vampire hunter?" Charlotte asked. "Sure, but... what will the reward be?" "Well, there isn't one," Charlotte answered upset. "Well, I'm afraid I can't help you ma'am." "My name is Charlotte and I can't believe I came here." "Some how I knew that there wasn't going to be any vampire hunters with enough balls to help me out." "Your all the same, at least D came willingly to help me but now he's in danger and needs help." "Look Charlotte, I would but me and my buddies aren't about to risk our lives for nothing." "Fine," Charlotte screamed as she turns to walk off. Rex standing there begins to feel guilty. "Umm, hey Charlotte, maybe I can work something out, but first you must tell me how much this D and your father mean to you," Rex asked. "Well, my father means the world to me, and... D means the same because he was the only one willing to go after my father... for no reward!" Charlotte yelled. "Do you love this D, Charlotte?" Rex asked. "What kind of question is that?" Charlotte asked. "Just answer me Charlotte." "Uhh, yes, yes I do love him." "Then I'm afraid I have no choice but to go after them." "You will!" Charlotte exclaimed happily. "Yes, but first I must convince my friends to help me". 4 hours later Rex returns to Charlotte. "Well, Charlotte, it was hard to get them to help but they'll do it". "Alright, lets start right away," Charlotte said excited. "Ok, Ill go get them". "Give me the location to the place where they are and my buddies and me will meet you there," Rex said. The next day Rex and his team made it to the front of Paradise woods. Standing there was Charlotte. "Hey guys," "Charlotte said. "Hey Charlotte," Rex said. "These are my friends, Lance, Gill, Gial, Cutter, and Coby." "Hi," they all said to Charlotte. "Hey guys, Ill be going with you, is that ok?"

"They don't mind," Rex answered for them. "We better start off now Charlotte, it will be dark before you know it," Rex said. "Ok," Charlotte answered.

Hours later in paradise woods

"Ok guys, its time for a break." Rex sits down next to Charlotte. Its night now and its very cold and dark. They hear the crying moans of a wolf being cut off by a screeching growl. Possibly a vampire, Gill thinks. "Are you sure we shouldn't keep moving Rex," Lance asked obviously worried of being attacked by a creature in the middle of the night. It was easy for Charlotte to see that Lance was the most cautious of the group. Gial seemed to be the bravest (next to Rex of course). He always seemed to be looking for danger. Gill, seems to be the smartest of them and is always thinking up battle strategies. Cutter was very quiet and didn't seem to say anything at all. Coby was most definitely the biggest and strongest of the group. "Don't worry Lance; Gial is keeping a good eye on things," Rex answered. "Ok Rex," Lance answered sitting back down. It was about 12:43 AM. About 2 hours later Gial woke the group and said it was time to move on. They found a trail of blood on the ground. It led down a small path that looked as if something had been crawling, or dragged down it. They followed it of course. "Don't you guys think that this is an obvious trap?" Gill asked the group. "Yes, that's why we're following it," Rex answered. Gial, Rex, and Coby led them down. It wasn't long before they were ambushed. A gang of hungry vampires stood in their way. There was about 13 of them, odds that Rex and Gial liked. It wasn't even a second before Gial attacked. Gial apparently had a set of brass knuckles on. The first vampire who attacked had his bottom jaw knocked off. Gial spun around and quickly hit the vampire with the missing jaw right in the stomach, splashing his guts out of his mouth. 2 others attacked. The first had his neck broken but the second seemed to dodge around Gial's deadly knuckles and punched Gial hard knocking him off his feet. They all jumped on him and started slashing and biting at Gial's flesh. Rex and Coby quickly jumped in and tore them off of Gial.

Rex pulled out a sword from his backsword holder. It was similar to D's sword. He started chopping the one still on top of Gial into pieces. After that he started on another heading for Coby. He sliced its head open causing its brain to fall to the ground, splattering it into a wet blob on the ground. Coby, using his bare hands took one and ripped it in half. Gill, joining in, started using a unique way of dodging instead of attacking. When he saw his chance he jumped over the vampire's head and quickly broke the vampire's back. 7 vampires remained. This time the vampires had a new strategy. They all attacked at once and overtook Gill, Gial, Rex, and Coby. Cutter, the quiet and gentle man that he had seemed to be, started off to the bunch running. He first demonstrated his skills by doing a triple flip, landing this he did a cyclone-like spin kick and departed one of the vampire's head from it's neck. He quickly let out a series of ballistic kicks and punches. The vampires never stood a chance. He quickly finished off the last vampire with a wooden steak through its heart. It was obvious to Charlotte now that Cutter was the karate style expert. After they had finished celebrating their victory over the 13 vampires they heard a huge monstrous laugh from the trees. It was still dark so they couldn't see where the thing was that was laughing. The laugh grew louder. AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Then a dark figure dropped from the tree. It stood up. "Might you be looking for your friend D?" the thing asked. "Yes, D and my father," Charlotte answered. "I know you are keeping them somewhere you bastard, where are they!" Charlotte screamed. "Well, I am keeping an old man somewhere, but as for your friend D, I think he's having a bit of a back problem right now." Then the creature walked out of the shadows. It was Signiss Hell Drake. "Get back Charlotte," Rex said, fearing for her safety. "You wont stand a chance," Signiss said. "If I had no trouble killing D than Ill have no trouble killing you." "Me and my team are the best hunters around in these parts, so I'm sure all of us will not have to much trouble with you." Quickly Rex attacked while waving his team to stay put. He pulled out his sword and made a slash to the right going for signiss's side.

Signiss dodged under Rex's sword and spun around behind him. Signiss hit Rex very hard over the back of his head, causing Rex to stumble around dazed for a few seconds. After Rex came out of his daze he tried a slash towards Signiss's neck. Signiss easily dodged this attack by dunking, therefore ruining Rex's chance of beheading Signiss. Rex tried one more attack by doing a flip over Siginss's head, then attempting to stick his sword through Signiss's back. But again, Signiss dodges the attack by jumping to the right. "I… don't believe this, how is he so fast," Rex says as he drops to his knees in defeat. Signiss laughs. Even D was a greater challenge than you, weakling. Signiss quickly runs up and stabs his claws into Rex's chest. Rex begins to cry out in pain as Signiss throws Rex towards a few trees. Rex, flying through the air, quickly disappears into the darkness. Coby, Cutter, Gill, Gial, and lance had seen enough. They quickly charged towards Signiss. Gial was the first to go down. Gial had jumped up, planning an air attack, had already been knocked out by Signiss, for Signiss had used his incredible speed to jump up before any of them realized it. Gial lying there completely knocked out. Gill and Cutter pretty much went out at the same time when Signiss had grabbed them by the necks and bashed their heads together. Coby sneaked up behind Signiss and rapped his arms around his body in attempt to shatter Signiss's spine. Signiss cried out in pain as his back begun to snap. Before it did, Signiss worked his way out of Coby's arms and kicked Coby in the side of the head so hard that blood spit out from Coby's ears, mouth, and eyes. And then Coby fell to the ground, dead. Lance, began to cry in anger. Lance quickly attacked Signiss, but like the others, Lance was quickly knocked out. A large smile appeared on Signiss's face. He turned to Charlotte, standing there, starring in disbelief. "Well, I guess it's your turn now my child," Signiss said, with a large smile still on his face. "Please, stop what your doing and turn my father loose," Charlotte begged. "I'm afraid I cant do that," Signiss answered. "Why not?" Charlotte asked. "Because it would ruin my reputation," Signiss said in a non-serious laugh.

"Enough talk now, I feel like killing you," Signiss said in another laugh. Charlotte took off in a sprinting run for some trees. Signiss quickly caught up to her and tripped her. Charlotte fell hard to the ground. Signiss reached with his long claws for Charlotte's waist. Before Signiss grabbed her Rex came falling from the tree with his sword. Before Signiss realized what hit him, Rex drove his sword strait down Signiss's back. Signiss stumbled backward and then fell down. Rex, badly injured from his first battle with Signiss, staggered over to Charlotte and fell into her arms. Charlotte began to cry when she saw the cut in Rex's stomach. She knew Rex wouldn't make it through the night. The wound was far too serious. She tried to comfort him by telling him that she would get him fixed up. But Rex also knew the truth. He knew that he would die before the night was over. "Please don't give up Rex, you can make it out of here alive." "Charlotte, it's ok, I already know that this is the end." Then, Signiss stood up. With his vampiric abilities, Signiss quickly healed himself. Signiss started walking towards Rex and Charlotte. With what little strength Rex had left he stood up and guarded Charlotte. "Charlotte, what ever happens, I just want to let you know that I am proud that I have died trying to help you," Rex said in a dieing voice. "You have actually made my life mean something now." Then Rex charged towards Signiss. With a quick and easy swipe it was all over. Rex lying there was dead. Charlotte charged for Signiss. She began punching, slapping, and scratching at Signiss. Signiss just stood there absorbing the hits. Just then, out of nowhere came the form of a man. It was D, completely alive. With a quick blow D smashed in Signiss's face. Charlotte gave D a hug and told him about Rex's death. D, angered by Charlotte's sadness, starts walking towards Signiss. "How!" "How are you still alive?" "I too, have the ability to heal myself Signiss." "I am a Dampir." Ahhh, I have heard of those." "Their freaks of nature," Signiss said laughing, but this time with a sense of worry. "Lets finish this Signiss," D said with a grin on his face. "Fine then," Signiss said.

This time Signiss charges first. D standing there begins to run left. Signiss starts running right. D, meeting Signiss in the circle charge throws a punch at Signiss, hitting him in the face. Signiss quickly recovers. Then Signiss quickly throws his claws towards D's chest, like he did to Rex. D catches Signiss's hand and crushes it. D, still holding onto Signiss's hand, slowly reaches for his sword with his right hand. Drawing out his sword, D quickly brings it down and slices off Signiss's hand. Smiling, D stabs Signiss in the chest. D then knocks Signiss backwards. Signiss gets up slowly. "I guess this is the end," Signiss sighs. "Yes it is," D quickly answers. With that to Signiss's final words D charges towards Signiss. "ILL SEE YOU IN HEEELLL!!!" D screams as he slices Signiss's chest open, spilling his guts to the ground. With a quick spin D beheads Signiss. Charlotte runs over to D and hugs him once again. Charlotte, looking over D's shoulder, watches Signiss's head role down a steep hill. "It's all over old friend," the small voice from D's left hand said. Charlotte looking up into D's eyes asked, "Who was that?" "Just an old friend," D answered. All of Rex's friends came walking up over the hill. When they had gotten there Charlotte had told them the bad news about Coby and Rex. They had found Charlotte's father in a cave, dead. A week later they had a large funeral for the 2 brave warriors and Charlotte's dad. Charlotte, her family, the towns people, even D attended the funeral. But after that, D had moved on. Feeling the same feelings that he felt when he had left Dan and Doris. Once again D walks the wasteland planet alone by him self, doing what he does best... killing the scum that haunts the planet.