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July 21

    from Takhisis:

    The DragonCon stuff is coming together slowly, at least now we have a full list of all the pictures so far! We also have a new poem from [Azazel] on the Words page to gaze upon.

July 13

    from Takhisis:

    Much thanks to artemis for handling the discussion page stuff for me. *love and fluff*

    The Con '99 page is getting its bare bones put together, hoping to have everything coherent by the end of the week. There are links to picture directories, as well as Chica's Klepto List. Keep your eyes peeled!

July 12

    from artemis:

    God, I just really can't stay away, can I? This is just a quick thing. I've revamped the former Dragon*Con 1999 Discussion Page to now be suited for our needs as a discussion page for the Summer 2000 Chicago Gathering. Note that the link is still the same as the one used for the D*C discussion.

    New pictures and stories and what not will be forthcoming. It's a hellish task so be patient, it could be awhile. Right now there is a pic directory available for general fun and viewing from zyzzyva.

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