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June 28

    Two days until Con!! Well, two days for those of us who are showing up early for Three-Man, that is. People's arrival days and times will vary, but no matter when you're showing up, it's gol-dangit close!
    Paden has given us some of his musings as a new bio, and there are new photos of Ravan to gaze upon.

June 22

    from Takhisis:

    Con updates galore! We have new arrival info on Tom_Vague and Paden on the Participants Page, and there's more details on the body mod trip on the Discussion Page. Check it out and post if you're interested in going! And if you haven't by now, contact ryssa with your arrival info so we can lay a tra- er, expect your arrival. ;)

June 20

    from Takhisis:

    Just a quick announcement: As of yesterday, our own eterniti is officially engaged! That's right, you missed your chance. But seriously, the happy couple is setting a tentative date for next summer "around July 1". Mark your calendars and send your congratulations!

June 14

    from artemis:

    This is my last update to the #Alt.Vampyres page. The altvampyres.net domain has recently switched hosts, and with the switch, we've decided that I'll use this time to take my leave of page maintenance. I was going to step down from the role of Web Goddess anyway in August when law school begins for me, so this is just a little extra time for adjustments. Takhisis will be the sole Web Goddess now, until she decides to take on any helpers. She kicks everyone's ass, so you must worship her with great zeal and love. Continue sending all emails regarding the page stuffies to channel@altvampyres.net. Anything sent to just me personally will be forwarded on anyway, so feel free to eliminate the middle goddess! I've loved working on this page, being stressed out by its demands, and I pity Takhisis for the hell the workload will put her through, but I will miss it all terribly. Sweet dreams and take care.

June 11

    from Takhisis:

    The lovely Chica has come back to being a regular, and has given us a new photo of herself, as well as a whole slew of pics of the ever-adorable Saben! Go look, and "awwwwwwww"!

June 8

    from artemis:

    There's a new and improved listing of the people planning to go to Con, along with pictures and tentative arrival times and where they're crashing and where they're coming from and all kinds of general fun stuff. Please please please let us know if any information is incorrect, or if we're missing some information you'd like up. We'd really like to have everyone's various names they'd like to be called, when they're planning to be at the airport/hotel (people are willing to meet you at the airport if you need someone to), and so forth. This way everyone can get a hold of everyone else when they need to and you don't have to spend the first day of Con wondering where in the hell everyone is! ryssa is collecting all this information, so if she hasn't talked to you already, please feel free to email her with your information. This will also ensure that someone will be in the Con party room to answer the phone when you call and ask for Emily Matson's Room!

June 1

    from artemis:

    We have preserved the Memorial for DarkRaven, and her home page on the altvampyres.net server. We will hang on to both things as long as we're around.

    I recently sent out a new mass mailing to my list of #alt.vampyres people. If you didn't receive an email on May 30th about the DarkRaven memorial and about Dragon*Con, and would like to receive such emails, please send us your email address.

    That email covered two things you need to respond to if they apply to you in regardong to Dragon*Con. The first is about the goth clubbing night. If you are interested at all in going out clubbing, please please please email Gabriel at archangl@netdoor.com. He needs to know how many people are interseted, when they're arriving at Con to figure out dates, and the age of the people so he knows which clubs are viable options.

    The other thing that you should respond to if you're going to Dragon*Con, is to please email us with your arrival information (date, time, mode of transportation, approximate arrival time at the hotel, if you desperately need someone to meet you, if you're traveling with anyone else). We will have a list posted soon with this information. This way, people who are arriving at similar times at the airport can help each other out if they want, and we can get a good idea of when someone needs to be at the party room so people can call the room and find someone there.

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