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May 30

    from artemis:

    There are three new faces of Eterniti. So purrrty.

May 27

    from Takhisis:

    For those who got here via a bookmark or otherwise skipped the front page...go there now.

    We mourn the loss of one of our dearest friends, DarkRaven. My own words are choked and tangled in a strangling net of emotion, and I would not think to speak for all of us. Go to the front page and read about one whom we loved dearly. Please feel free to add your words, feelings, memories to it.

May 21

    from artemis:

    Eterniti has suggested another outting for Dragon*Con, especially for those who aren't really into drinking heavily all the time. This is posted on the Events page:

    I was talking to Bleak and we both thought that 'maybe' people would be interested in going to a movie together. I know that I am a HUGE Movie buff and as I am not a big drinker, didn't know if anyone else would be into 'getting' away from the 'craziness' so to speak for an evening?

May 20

May 19

    from artemis:

    Have you seen Star Wars yet? Good for you.

    Persik talked to the Official Dragon*Con folk to get their General Policies, which has been put here for your viewing pleasure. Do enjoy.

May 18

    from artemis:

    People have started wondering about how to get to the Hyatt, once they get to Atlanta. ryssa has promised us up to date information and directions, but in the meantime, I took a few pieces of the directions she wrote up last year pertaining specifically to Marta and getting to the Hyatt from the airport on Marta. It's easy, we promise. Please note, however, that Marta does not run between 1 and 5 am.

    Also, the Hyatt is finally all booked up. If you don't have a room yet, it's time to find something else, or beg space from someone on channel.

May 17

    from Takhisis:

    Guess who's returned? Plick is back to grace us with his witticisms and wear all our clothes. And speaking of clothing, Stef-Zodiak has sent some new photos of his more creatively garbed personlities. We also have a new normal face to add to the masses, rivian.

May 13

May 11

    from artemis:

    Takhi and I have been pretty busy in RL lately, so a few things have been impatiently sitting around waiting to get updated. At long last, I present some updates: Gibby has a few new faces; Gibby and Jetgirl both sent in petpics for the Pets Page; added a lovely event idea to the Dragon*Con Events Page for a bondage show put on by a few of Linz's friends; updated the List of People intending to make it to Dragon*Con in just a few short weeks (and where they're staying): Chanilye, Chica, Eterniti, and Ravan.

    People have started asking about directions and so forth between the airport and the hotel(s) at Dragon*Con. In a few weeks we'll have directions up here for those hopelessly lost and desperate for help. Also in mid-June I'll start listing all the flight info that I have that people want up so that you can coordinate with others and help each other get around, or beg someone to meet you at the airport and get you to the hotel safely. It's not that hard, I promise.

May 6

    from artemis:

    Important Con/Party Room Info for Drinkers: I have decided not to allow underage drinking in the party room this year. Please see my statement for more information, or write to me

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