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April 28

    from Takhisis:

    Ravan has graced us with a new, on-the-job style photo of himself to add to the collection.

April 24

    from artemis:

    The long lost grendel_ has briefly resurfaced and offered up a new picture of himself. _outcast_ too has a new image to present, punkruckgolf.

April 19

    from artemis and Takhisis:

    Brand spanking new picture of the lovely ZuZu. *purrrr*
    Also, new pics of Low_Tek and a new bio, so you can learn all about his spiffyness. and if that weren't enough, he's got his pet's pic up as well!

April 15

    from artemis (a/k/a bad cop):

    Important Con Info: There have been a few changes to the Dragon*Con 99 section. Gibby most likely won't be making it now, but we have added Machina to the ranks of congoers. He is searching for roommate(s), so if you have willing space, please let him know. Also, I've been pondering the Party Room and lack of interest in it. Many people have already sent in money and even more have promised to send money, but even with the good intentions of the promisers, we still wouldn't have enough to cover the room. I don't feel like worrying about the party room any more than necessary, so I've changed the deadline for when I need the party room money or else I will cancel: June 1. I also want to be clear that this is not a crash room, so you had better make other arrangements for some place to sleep and store your crap. If all goes as planned, I'll be checking into the room on Wednesday afternoon (June 30) after I get my own room. I will also be checking OUT at 9:00 AM on Sunday, July 4, so don't plan to be sitting around the party room all Sunday. I'm not going to spend my Sunday waiting for lazy bones to get their shit again :) Also, if you've said you were going to send money but now can't, please let me know. If you haven't told me you're going to send money and won't until closer to June 1, let me know. I need to have all this worked out in the next few weeks or I may just give up on the whole ordeal. Thank you for your attention :)

    from Takhisis (a/k/a good cop):

    As for completely positive news, WhiteDove has graced us with a photo and bio-let, as well as a couple of poems for the Words page. Huzzah!

April 9

    from Takhisis:

    We have new pics for Khayman, Kashie's kitty, on the Pets Page, and we've convinced Lyonene to stay at DragonCon an extra day! Woot!

April 6

    from artemis:

    We got some new pictures from Ginger/Epiphonic, and they're just luvly. Lyonene has sent us her new personal home page url. Added Machina to the list of folkies planning to make it to D*C. Have you noticed the nifty new Site Map? Also, please keep in mind also that altvampyres.net is selling both web space and email addresses. Get em while they're hot!

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