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March 24


    Crucial matters!! We are in desperate need of a headcount and name list for EVERYONE who is planning on coming to ChiCon! If you can/will/could/would make it either June 21-25 OR July 26-31, email Lyonene (lyonene73@hotmail.com) saying so by March 31! Because quite frankly, if nobody tells us they're going, there can't be a gathering. EMAIL NOW!! Thank you, end of hysteria.

March 11

    Paden has a new photo up for all of us to gaze at while you read his poetry... Also, if anyone has requested a bio change or writing put up and it hasn't happened, please EMAIL ME! There's been some ISP-email-website musical chairs going on in my life (along with the usual brain damage) so it may have been misdirected, rerouted, etc. No one has been purposefully ignored!! ;) So if your update is missing, please pitch a fit at me. Thank you.

    And also a MAJOR thank you to our lovely Artemis for handling the ChiCon 2000 info & updates for me while I lose my mind!

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