Night Shade

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as told by gibby:

Ok, speaking from the point of view of the chick that's always sitten on his lap...nitey's one of the kewtest guys in the channel, he's 18, and he's a computer smartie...he lives in Oregon and he's gawt it goen awn *smile*...if you've ever spoken to him, ya know what i'm talken about. He's a big shawt worken at some hightech computer place. And he looks REALLY kewt in a suit and tie hehehe.

Quite often you'll find him in the channel either complaining about nawt getting laid or talking in computer mumbojumbo language. I know he writes poetry, though i don't know if any of you knew that. And i think it's all pretty damn good so. :P And that's just about all i know of niteshade...i probably know more and just forgot most of it.

Perhaps we'll get some good pictures of him up here from DragonCon `98

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