Dragon*Con, um, Stuff.

Alrightie then. I had a week off to catch up on schoolwork, so of course I took the opportunity to scan in some of the pictures I took at the Con. I have no rhyme nor reason to any of this, and I don't care enough this time around to put things all nice and orderly like I did with the New Years section. So deal. But enjoy anyway.

The Gang

The only time I think we were all together, acting somewhat civil to each other. I know it's a bad picture, but I had to leave the flash off for someone's sensitive eyes.

Getting Ready

This is MlleFoo getting ready for the Ball, or the Hunt, or whatever was going on behind closed doors.

Ryssa was the Queen of face art, and there was a lot of it going on that weekend. You can see more of her work on the Summary page. This is her doing Nitelite's face.

Euro thought he would be smashing in Rebekkah's nightshirt. I agree. Anyone who wants to go in on getting him one of these for his birthday, just email me and we'll talk....

Priest's Head

For our Thursday entertainment, Priest's head went to the barbar's with the help of Bowyn, NiteLite, and Euronymous. Isn't he sexy, girls?

Truth or Dare

This is where the quotes "You want me to do what to a Mt. Dew can?" (ToRRY above) and "Minty Tongue! Minty Tongue!" (Craig below) come from.

Pretty People

I just thought these pics were particularly cool and indicative of the folks that made up the scarey crew.

Rebekkah introduced us to her dear friend Craig within the first minutes of the Con, and we knew that if he had IRC, he would indeed be one of us. A wonderful guy, I he did IRC cuz I miss him a lot.

Two old friends cuddling together, Ryssa and ToRRY.

Okay, go ahead and tell me that Cathari isn't scowling at me in this picture. Muligan is looking on innocently, and Rourke's knuckles are in the picture, but not the rest of him out of respect for his request that none of you be subjected to his hideous features. Yeah, right.

What do three old alcoholic friends do when they get together? They drink, duh. I was obviously not as drunk as these two, Euro and Bowyn, since I could hold the camera, but I'm glad I could capture their idiocy on film for generations to come.

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