Dragon*Con 99 Party Suite

artemis has reserved one room for the express purpose of accommodating the channel's partying and hanging out and meeting needs. This room is for general channel use, and will be open to anyone to hang out in 24 hours a day during the Convention. THIS IS NOT A CRASH ROOM. The room is $160/night (that's including taxes, I hope), and in order to pay for this room, I'm asking that everyone send me $25, or as much as you can. As of mid-May, we're still $200 short of paying for this room. I want to have all the money collected before I leave for Atlanta. If I don't have enough money when I arrive I will only get the room for as much as we have enough money for. So get your money to me BEFORE CON.

The rules involved with this room are the same as applied to last year's crash rooms, with a very important addition: there will be no underage drinking in the party room. Please see my Statement on Underage Drinking. As in previous years, do not do anything illegal in the room, and do not do anything that will cause anyone else to get evicted from the building or cause us to get kicked out of the room. Check out time for everyone's shit from this room WILL be 9 AM on Sunday morning, so don't plan to stick around all day Sunday in the dumb room. A good rule for any illegal substance is "Don't ask, don't tell, and don't bring it in the channel suite." As much as the Hyatt loves Dragon*Con, it won't put up with illegal substances, unusually loud noise, or people dangling themselves or flinging ice from balconies. If you do anything that causes me or anyone else in the group harm, I will enlist the help of the rest of the channel in dealing with you as painfully as possible. However: drinking, smoking, cavorting, and making sexual advances in every direction possible is highly encouraged.

Send money to:

Emily Matson
1513 Flag Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55427

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