alt.vampyres fiction title



1998-2000 duVivier

throaty golden kisses
a sumptuous awakening,
of lust and yearning.

poison to some, deadly,
to somnambulist eyes'
glassy searching.

whywhywhy was he chosen
to suffer such institution,
destitute and aching.

to his retrograde mind,
this sordid gift, a memory
silently binding.

the knife, considered once,
mais le travail trop difficile!
oh the style, salivating.

the liquid solution, twice,
but too much like the tears
he was hoarding.

theatrical machines, thrice,
threatened to quell his
mindless lacking.

a vital, circular curse,
dew-pearls on spider web
alive and enchanting.

each droplet, a challenge,
glistening hope and reason,
despair sublimating.


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