alt.vampyres fiction title


The Dark Horse Nightmare

1998-2000 numindan


something akin to fear rears its head
screaming in pleasure
wincing in pain
alive, he is born out of darkness
out of the mind
transferring his minions
they sing his songs
echo his whinnies of triumph
and he seems to smile, seeing he has won

the lights flicker on
illuminating the nothingness people imagined they feared
and the lights perform their duties
calming all the startled children
hiding the dark horse and his jockey

from time immemorial he has been here
from the dawning of the light he has bided his time
he will be here when all the lights are extinguished for eternity
galloping through the dreams
plodding through their insecurities
leaving behind his legacy
carved into the soul with his brutal hooves
fears deeper than reality
the sleep stealer needs no one
and everyone

the dark horse and his jockey are all alone

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