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1998-2000 Screams

I dreamt about you last night.
I hadn't thought about you in years,
I hadn't seen you in almost a decade,
But you sent me a letter--
I didn't know how or why--I didn't care.
I was ecstatic when I saw the envelope
And formed your name on my lips
For the first time since we said goodbye.
The letter was not what I expected--
You sent me a poem I wrote
Long before I wrote anything of that nature.
I'd never read it, but the words, the tone,
The darkness--
There was no doubt it was mine.
I woke up shaking....shivering...
Almost crying...
Forming your name on my lips.

Do you remember back in elementary school?
Times we used to walk together--
We went everywhere--nothing could separate us.
The adults said we made a cute couple--
We didn't even know what that meant back then.
We were just such close friends.
I wonder where you are today,
And I wonder how you'd react to the person I've become.
I spent years trying to understand why certain things happen.

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