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Photo Finish

1998-2000 Screams

I spent years
Trying to figure out
How you wouldn't feel
When you found out
That I was finally dead.

Not once did I stop to think
What it would be like
If you were to die first.

After all,
It just wasn't
I was the one with nothing to lose
And no reason to live,
Screaming for death
While you quietly went on
With your life.

But here you are
Smiling up at me
>From today's obituaries.
It's a black and white copy
Of the class picture you had taken
While you were at high school registration
Your freshman year.
I should know...
I still carry one
In my wallet.
It's one of the few
Photographs of you
I own
That I didn't have to actually take

Your seven-year-old smile
Begins to blur
As tears suddenly fill my eyes,
And I can't help but wonder
If you didn't see this coming.

I'd accuse you of having the last laugh,
But nobody is laughing

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