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1998-2000 Takhisis

Love is the emotion
that masquerades arsenic.
Die if you have it
Die if you don't,
once you've tasted Eve's fruit.
You twist on the gibbet-puppet-strings
waiting, so stoic:
"No, not this time!"
until the burning void that thunders blackly in your veins
once more hazes the mind, the eyes.
"It could be different-"
Just one more try
one more hit
one fix to ride out on, yeah

Shaking junkie's hands
I can quit any time I want but-
reaching out for one more hit
"I love you."
riding the orgasmic internal wave
crest and peak and you're alive again
alive and on fire

And a moment later falling
down into the dark, the crash
looking ahead at the years of dark penance
suffering for the moment's high
paying the dealer in tears and blood
and submissive rape.
"I SAID I loved you."
Just another hollow-eyed junkie
burned out and shuffling
Dead, waiting for the body to realize it
waiting for just one more hit

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