alt.vampyres fiction title


Post Mortem Devourement

1998-2000 White Spirit


Epidermis peeling ripe and green
Mortuary cuisine, your body the venue
Savouring corpses exhumed from the grave
My lust for post mortem menu

Carbuncled brains and pustulent slop
Jellied eyeballs squelch as they're freed
Riddled with cancer and garnished with rot
The cadavers I gobble with greed

Cleaving your torso, gouging out mush
Your heart goes slap as I munch
Baring your organs and feasting on vitals
The bones make me bleed as I crunch

Fungus for sinews, curdling veins
Mucus my wine as your body is drained
Devoured, digested, steaming fresh from my bowels
Scraped up and served to be relished again


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