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Symphony of Death

1998-2000 White Spirit


Hear the contorted sounds of the first movement
Of my orchestrated symphony of death
Feel the pain of the inner turmoil
Of the emotional conflict of musical extremities

The violin sings of a life
With too much pain to bear
Hear the strings bleed dry
Cracked and ebbing into silence gone

The cello boldly proclaims
Of a love turned to killing hate
Feel the bile rising
Hear the dead-blood patter on stone cold floors

Now the flute leads a merry dance
Of muted tortured babes
Rising in a cadence, crazed
Falling into sullen despair

Feel the music together as one
A force of maddening chaos
Much imbued with destructive hate
Can you feel the pain?

Locked within its rythms
Coiled within the twists of pitch and key
Trapped in the whirling deathly sound
Unable to resist

Cacophony of corruption
Dissonance of death

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