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1998-2000 White Spirit


Wrenched from sleep with a distant scream
A voice in menacing gloat
Life laid bare in a twisted dream
My fingers at my throat

Nails pierce my sweating skin
Veins begin to swell
Fingers deep are passing in
My eyes gleam tortured hell

I fumble for my knife
On my bedside table laid
Deliver me from life
The feelings that won't fade

A flick of blood smiles at my neck
Gut my stomach with a twist
Scar my body in crimson flecks
Drive into my wrist

Lunging from my bloodied bed
To end all pain and care
Stumbling blindly, catch my feet
Plunge head-first down the stairs

Neck snapped but walking still
I reach the kitchen drawer
Strike a match, my need to kill
Passed out on the floor

Conscious again I move once more
Flesh wounded from the sizzle
Fumble in vain at the closed street door
My skin is charcoaled gristle

Lurching in anguish, my head lolls back
I smash my fists in to the glass
My head bangs forward with a bloody crack
Through the window I now pass

I tramp on down the road
Ears discern a distant rumble
A screech of brakes as my body is thrown
My bones begin to crumble

Flying in free space
Over hedgerows, fences and flues
My last sight a startled face
As I take the bastard too

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