alt.vampyres fiction title



1998-2000 White Spirit


Epitomise your face to my vision of death
Sledgehammer landing robs you of breath
Brutalise your features, stab slash and cut
Pain explodes red as I carve out your gut

Mangle the face for years I've hated
The agony won't stop until I've been sated
Mortality invested, the fear in your eyes
Knife ripping the mouth that spoke the lies

Your unborn child I rip from the womb
Savaging the shreds of the cervical tomb
The infant's face I munch and eat
Then batter you senseless, swung by its feet

Your pores bleed pain as I carve and gloat
Blood drips red as I bite out your throat
Mangled babe snatched up where it lies
Forced down your mouth to stifle the cries

Unconscious, bleeding, I slice off your flesh
Vaginal shreds taste divine when they're fresh
The tasty morsels I swallow with pride
Masturbate on the corpse - another has died

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