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I can't be a goth


From: "Julian Richards" <>
Organization: Haphazard
Subject: Re: I want the gift...
Newsgroups: alt.vampyres
Date: 22 Feb 99 22:38:18 +0000

I can't be a goth,
I'm too fat.
I blame beer and chips and that.
No hollow cheeks nor sunken eyes,
damn Mr. Kipling and his individual fruit pies.

I can't be a goth,
I'm too tanned.
A fortnight on the Costa,
Sun, sea and sand.

I can't be a goth,
I'm too jolly.
I'd stand out from the others,
Grinning like a wally.

I can't be a goth,
so that's it.
It's probably all for the best,
I shouldn't worry a bit.
I'll sit at home with frozen dinners and beer,
Enough to survive when the computers crash next year.



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