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From: Stef Telford <>
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Subject: Alt.vampyres IAQ
Date: Tue, 07 Jul 1998 21:43:17 +0000

Why this page is black.

The HTML version of this list is now considered the master version; the text version may be updated occasionally, but is now obsolete. Even though this is the first electronic draft of this document, and has been inscribed from the parchments (See Q2.1).

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Any complaints Email us for information, and just for the record, your email will be piped straight into our email folder for immediate reply (/dev/null).

Certain topics never (well, hardly ever) come up on this newsgroup. They are stupid questions, to which the answers are immediately obvious, but they would be more fun to talk about than these arcane details of loop control.

This article, which is posted once every decade, attempts to answer these questions definitively, succinctly, and in such a way as to discourage further discussion or comment.

You Have been Warned.

Table of Contents:

I. Rules of the Newsgroup
B. Rules of the Undead
3. People to Look for
4. People to Not Look for
V. Style
6. Miscellaneous

Herewith, lies within, some infrequently-asked questions and their answers:

Section I: Rules of the Newsgroup

I.1: Please Make me a Vampyre !! (Or PLEASE MAKE ME AN UNDEAD D00D )

I.2: Spelling Cops 1.3: 'Whoever' Flamed me !! 1.4: Hah! You said two and there were three points 1.5: Why do you keep saying 'we' 1.6: I finally figured out how to post...can i just post anything ? Section B: Rukes of the Undead

2.1: What is the difference between Psychic Vampires and Blood Vampyres ? 2.1: Whats this about Parchments ? 2.2: What kills Vampyres ? 2.3: So religion doesnt work ? 2.4: Why do you hate <insert religions name> then ? 2.5: How can I read/write structs from/to data files? 2.6: Do you wish to discuss Vampyre Lore/Books/Movies ? Section 3: People to Look for

3.1: Jewelz 3.2: Josephe 3.3: Chillers 3.4: Victoria 3.5: BabyJinx Section 4: People Not to Look for

4.1: Us. Steffers. Zodiak. 4.2: Emrys 4.3: duVivier / Severin 4.4: desnoirs 4.5: Peg leg Pete 4.8: BUt....isnt there ? Section V: Style

V.1: Gothic V.2: Ska/Rythm V.3: Scientific V.4: New age 5.6: Punk Section 6: Miscellaneous

6.1: My head hurts ! 6.2: What is the purpose of this faq ? 6.3: Whats all this about clans ? (Malkavians etc)