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Ok, I hate having pics of me online so you're going to have to make do with that. *points at the pic*

Look, don't bitch, it's all you're getting. It's one eye and a pair of lips, and THAT took some wrangling (just ask jetgirl how much hassle it's been squeezing this nonsense out of me). Yes, my hair really is that colour. At least, this week.

I've been troubling alt.V since about '96. Back in the mad olden days I used to knock out a lot of poems and short stories for the group, but that kind of behaviour has largely died out these days (boo! hiss!).

Anyway, let's see ... I always had an interest in things Vampiric, though nobody in their right mind would call me a goth. I mean, just check out the colours of this page if you don't believe me. Besides, I loathe mass-produced, cheap, silver jewellery. Handmade, expensive silver jewellery is OK though.

These days my interest extends to my being the keeper of the FAQ over on alt.culture.vampires, a group spawned from the loins of alt.V back in '98, and intended for real Vampires. I also help out with funding this website, because - well, damnit - alt.V needs a website.

No, I'm not one. A Vampire. I'm not one.

Career-wise, I'm more of a demon, really. Spend my days fiddling with my computer (I'm a trained geek, though not what you'd call a tame one); and my nights haunting suburban London with a bag of lemon sherbets, luring portly businessmen into my fabulous car to sign their souls away. Hell. It's a hobby.

I still write a lot, and help out on a site called DangerMedia, a collective of creative souls of all sorts, editing some of their sections (see "Unsuitable Content"). I keep my own web page split between a few servers - you'll find my a.c.v stuff here and my poems and stories here.

What else is there to tell?

Nothing, without giving it all away. ;)