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I'd better get the necessities out of the way; married, three kids, work in an office...yawn...still with me? Good, I almost nodded off myself there. I have a liking for trying different beers and a dislike of travel; I live in North Herts (look it up, if you need to, it's in the UK) and I regard South Herts as abroad.

I came to alt.vampyres due to my ambition to write a screenplay based on the vampire myths and ended up staying. Someday I'll get around to finishing the screenplay. My interest in the vampire is as a symbol of our culture and as an allegory. It will take a lot to convince me of the existence of vampires although I may need to become one to have the time to finish that damn screenplay.

My field is physics and so I like to contribute a scientific approach to the group. I've forgotten more about physics than most people know. That's a great shame because, to be honest, I didn't know that much to begin with. Do not try to use theoretical physics to prove some vampire theory, another misuse of elementary particles and I'll have a wooden stake with your name on it.