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loa found alt.v in winter of 1995, fresh into college. bet her dad regrets buying her that modem connection! she jumped into a food fight and then flirted outrageously with Sableagle for about a year. because of this she has 1 (one) orange marmalade - shooting gun and 1 (one) large craving for pixies on toast. loa was given angel wings by the lovely jewel and is an angel of light and also sometimes a goff boy but not a vampyre. loa misses the old days and that's why she isn't around much. she wonders what people are doing these days, like is marjean and chriss' love story still doing well? what about mr. bunny? are josephe and emrys still getting it on? is victoria's tongue still sharper than glass? does ren have a fulfilling sex life? (actually i know the answer to that one :]= ) whatever happened to jewelzzz wings? can we still go in the bat cave with stef? how many times will i mix up duViv and desnoirs? is dark one still pensive and sweet? will othello and gideon and pete still create a snafu in the dark world? where are the rest of the pranklympics? do i ask too many questions?