Reverend Tiernan The Fae One



I first started posting on alt.vampyres at the end of 1995 - November, I believe, though I don't recall. I do recall my first post... upon the declaration of athiesm on the part of a regular, I asked who she talked to while having an orgasm.

That's as close to on-topic as I've ever gotten.

Fortunately, the people of this newsgroup tolerate my rambling nonsense and pointless inanities with good humor. I profess to know very little indeed about vampires, vampire theories, vampire lore and literature and vampire habits. I post here because I like the others who post here. I can also be found on alt.cuddle (yes, you read that right) and alt.alien.vampire.flonk.flonk.flonk (mhm 22x21) which actually has next to nothing to do with either aliens or vampires.

Yep, I'm Fae. At one time there were a lot of us on alt.vampyres, but our numbers have dwindled lately and now I am one of only a mere handful. Satori, Vandale, Brytshayde, Th'Elf...all seem to have wandered on their way. Yet I remain, a solitary testament to just how damned annoying the Fae can be. I'm ill-tempered, sarcastic, argumentative, stubborn, occasionally goofy, always flaky and of course, halfway insane. As for the details of my mundane life... there aren't any.

I'm Fae, remember?


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