D: The Most Beloved Child
by Adela Anaszkiewicz

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“You have chosen a faith for you and yours, but do not feel lonely. If you ever have a doubt remember you have a home to go back. I don’t believe you will, for your heart is strong, so I give you my legacy to face any unknown circumstance. I’ve put together in this book all I know about, well…his kind. I cannot protect you as I would like to for you have already chosen your guardian, but… you might need it someday. I trust your heart’s regular beat and recognize you’re a smart kid. But I also love you as if you were my own child. Good bye Mina. Good luck!.” Mina gave him a kiss. She couldn’t even look at Jonathan eyes, there was no doubt in her but still she felt sorry for him. So she didn’t saw that sad smile in his mouth. She wore her cloak and walked into the castle thinking ‘I’m so sorry Jonathan’.

She wouldn’t see the sun in a few days. As she was passing trough the oak door she felt discouraged but, at the same time she was giving herself up with hope. It wasn’t only her faith as Van-Helsing had said, but her choice. She chose a life between light and darkness.

     *     *     *     *     *     *

This is the third time I have the dream, it makes me almost lose my nerve. Me! Who had a courage tested trough all this years and by all kinds of fights. In this dream Mina is sat on a ship’s stern, there is noise of wings and it smells like salt. I’m walking towards her and she give to me an ironical-sad look. Then- she falls into the water, always looking at me. I jump into it to reach her, see her there apparently vanishing inside the water. I swim even faster and then, when I’m about to touch her she tears apart as if made of salt.

I always awoke at this point. Scared to death with the idea that I won’t see her face again. Realize that it’s just a dream doesn’t make me feel better. I know she is complete somewhere outside this coffin but, I do remember the fact that she is mortal.

I don’t want to bite her. I refuse to share this tormented life with a lovely being. I don’t deny what I was before she arrived but, I just don’t see the sense being that now that she is here. It was precisely her shiny soul and her choice what made me fall for her. I’m aware that such a miracle it’s not meant to last, but I long to be with her forever. To share her mortal faith or, even… yes, even to keep a part of her.

     *     *     *     *     *     *

When the sun was setting down Mina left her knit on the rocking chair, straightened her hair and waited for the sun to hide behind the cliff. She was smiling as the shadows grew deeper around her. A familiar voice whispered “You always choose the farthest place” while she felt a kiss on her neck. “I feel this place mine, limits blur, light and shadows mixed. Just as you and me.”

“Maybe it’s time for us to mix” he told her. “What?” she said. “You know, I’m always thinking that you sacrificed too much for me, I want you to have that at least”. Her face expressed her confusion very well, so she didn’t have to ask to get an answer. “Motherhood I mean” Her confusion remained for two seconds, just turn into joy and then in confusion again. “Do you think we could? I mean, Is it possible?” Dracula smile with his eyes. And Mina looked down to her knit with pleasure.

     *     *     *     *     *     *

I’m having the hardest time ever, I’m here in the castle almost lonely and always waiting for him to wake. Let’s face it, if I wasn’t well… like this, I could not bare this. I’m seven months, and I cannot wait to meet this child of mine. Sometimes I believe he can hear me, so I talk to him all day long. I’ve told him all the thing his father and I went trough to be here, to have him. When he is struggling inside me I try to calm him down with a song or by telling him that he will be the most beloved child. But sometimes I feel very anxious and uneasy, as a warning. I wonder of what nature will my son (for I’m sure it is a boy) be? I’ve heard of mixed races and don’t know if there is others like us. Besides now I live outside church and the hand of God will no longer protect me.

Last night I had the strangest dream, I saw a man I’m sure I’ve never seen before. He was all white in the face and wore a black long brimmed hat. His eyes were green and I felt sympathy towards him but also felt sorrow. He smile to me with my own ironical smile, climbed on his horse and left me on the woods. I always feel uneasy after that dream. I wonder what would it mean. If I could only ask for Dr. Van-Helsing advice I’m sure I would be better. But I shouldn’t worry this much… Dr… but of course! How I didn’t think about it before The Book!!!

     *     *     *     *     *     *

Dhampir: A Dhampir is a being that is half-vampire and half-human, born from a vampire father and a human mother. They are sometimes said to be able to kill vampires.

The legends

Dhampirs are conflicted creatures, as they cannot turn from either of their bloodlines. They are outcasts among both humans and vampires, for they are neither. They also tend to have many health problems including bi-polar disorder, major depression, insanity, heat syndrome, photodermatosis, and anemia. During their teen years, many dhampirs also have urges of suicide, which can extend into their adulthood if they survive. Only in extremely rare cases will a dhampir be born and grow to adulthood: generally the female does not come to full term and the baby is lost; in other instances, the mother comes to term and gives birth to a stillborn.

Children of the Night
So close to the Beast, yet still so Human
Though they know it not.

But the Calling arises
In their dreams
In their senses
In their lives
Every waking moment calls them to duty.

The Calling is strong
And the goal is Eternal:

The Final Death of the Beast
That Begat them.[1]

The dhampir has an unbreakable bound with his father being in most cases able to find him. In every case on record, the dhampir have risen up to destroy their fathers.

     *     *     *     *     *     *

The book fall of her hands, her tears were sliding down to her chin. She spent most of her time pondering what she had just read. It was about noon when she finally recovered. She went quickly up the stairs to her room. Opened her Woodrow and took her old cloak, and every thing she could put into a bag. She went down stairs and took also food and everything necessary for… leaving. Then she prepare a horse all by herself and climbed into it, riding to the gate. When she reached it, she turned back just one time and sent the saddest look towards the castle. Then she rode to the town mumbling to herself (or, perhaps not only to herself) “Don’t worry you will be the most beloved child, and you won’t have to face that dreadful faith. No, not if I can help it!”

     *     *     *     *     *     *

I’m not an unusual guy. So I’m not sure why do this unusual things happen to me in the fist place. But I’m a little conscious that there is some things we are forced to face, and for her I would face everything. I did it once, I face the most powerful vampire ever… and well at the end anything turned as I would have expected. Trough this years I’ve wondered many times how is she? And if she ever thinks in me the way I do. But this time after my shave I was opening my door to the most livid Mina I’ve ever seen. She quickly entered and apologized for the strange situation. When I calmed her down she told me that for the last 5 months she had been living a true nightmare. She said to me “The only way I can excuse myself is by telling you my disgrace, but If you excuse without hearing it I will feel more peaceful.” 7 years and she hasn’t change a thing, she is still the beautiful woman I married to. But now her pale ayes are darkened by something strange and her voice no longer has confidence. “I’ll do anything” was the only thing I could said.

Then I saw for the first time that she wasn’t alone, a nun was standing nearby the door holding something in her arms. Mina grab it all wrapped into blankets and showed it to me. She said to me “He is David, that’s the way I named him. As you might think he is my son. And… I’m here to ask you to keep it with you, for I must do something else and perhaps he will be better here” I was amazed, there was so many things I wanted to ask her. But she was different now, I realized she was in some kind of hurry. And I said automatically to her “Yes, I’ll take care of David” She smiled, and I wondered if this was the first time she was smiling in a long time. I gave her a quick hug and let her go. “Hi Dave” I told to the boy and, maybe I’m a bit silly but I do think he can understand me. “What will the moon bring to you?.”

David (Hebrew): Beloved or dear

[1.] Mark Kinney

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