VHD Fan Fiction



If you have written a VHD fanfic that you would like added to the archive, please e-mail me.

At the moment, there are two rules for VHD fanfics to be added to this archive:

Rule 1: Works must be complete. I will not accept works-in-progress. It's too easy for Real Life to intervene and prevent an author from finishing a work, and it's just not fair to leave your audience hanging like that.

Of course, if you write a freestanding story and add a sequel later on, that's OK.

Rule 2: The Vampire Hunter D Archives web site is a "dunpeal"-free zone. There are lots of terms it is OK to use for a vampire-human hybrid. "Dunpeal" is not one of them. Neither is danpeal, dampiel, or anything resembling them. Call D a dhampir, dhampire, half-vampire, half-blood ... like I said, lots of possibilities.

For an explanation of why I consider "dunpeal" an undesirable term, see the transliterations page.

Some stories are formatted in plain text rather than HTML. I am willing to add stories that include HTML formatting. However, I may ask to modify any that I find difficult to read because of font or color. If a file was converted by a program that creates "messy" HTML, like MS Word, I will clean up the HTML before adding it to the site. If the HTML is very messy, I may accidentally remove some coding in the cleanup process. If I receive a word processor file, I will convert it to HTML in whatever way works best for me. I may not be able to duplicate your formatting exactly.

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